Rep. Jim Jordan to Newsmax: Biden, Dems ‘Crazy’ for Pulling Israel’s Iron Dome Funding

Rep. Jim Jordan to Newsmax: Biden, Dems 'Crazy' for Pulling Israel's Iron Dome Funding Rep. Jim Jordan. (Anna Moneymaker/Getty)

By Brian Trusdell | Tuesday, 21 September 2021 05:34 PM

Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan on Tuesday called President Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats “crazy” for withdrawing $1 billion in funding for Israel’s “Iron Dome” missile defense intercept system from their stopgap funding bill to appease far-left members of their party.

“I think it's interesting on the day that Joe Biden gives a speech at the UN and talks about building back our relationship with our allies, that happens to be the same time that the Democrats in Congress are undermining our best friend and ally, the state of Israel, saying we're not going to have this funding for the Iron Dome…which is a critical part of their security posture there in that dangerous part of the world,” the seven-term Republican told Newsmax’s “Eric Bolling The Balance.”

Jordan, whose district includes a large swath northwest of the state capital of Columbus, also jabbed at the Biden administration for its diplomatic kerfuffle with France, which withdrew its ambassador over an announced security deal among the United States and fellow English-speaking countries Britain and Australia. The deal included helping Australia develop nuclear submarine technology, nullifying a contract with France.

Jordan was incensed over the reports that far-left Democrats threatened to vote against the “continuing resolution” funding bill over the Israel missile system.

“France pulls their ambassador a couple days ago. Today the Democrats take out funding for Iron Dome in the appropriations bill,” Jordan said. “If that's building back our relationship with allies, wow, that's, that's pretty crazy, but that again, this is just kind of typical of the Biden administration and the Democrats running the United States Congress.”

Jordan described his trips to Israel and the demonstration he’s seen of the “Iron Dome,” which has shown effectiveness in intercepting incoming rockets launched by terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah in Palestinian territories. He said the operator only has seconds to determine if the incoming rocket will hit a populated area and to launch a missile to intercept it.

“That is of critical importance to Israel's security and the idea that the Democrats are going to pull this out of the funding bill…But this is the same Democrats…Joe Biden told us it was an extraordinary success when 13 servicemen gave their lives, Americans left behind, allies left behind, and $90 billion of equipment, weapons left behind [in Afghanistan], and they define that as an extraordinary success. So, I guess again, this is this is just how radical today's Democrats have become.”

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