Rep. Jordan: Redistricting ‘Only Gerrymandering’ When GOP Does It

Rep. Jordan: Redistricting 'Only Gerrymandering' When GOP Does It jim jordan speaks on the phone as he walks past elevators Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Sunday, 06 February 2022 12:47 PM

Democrats have long claimed to be against gerrymandering, but they have no issue with the partisan redrawing of congressional districts when it suits them, according to Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio.

"It's only gerrymandering when Republicans control the state legislature and draw the districts," Jordan told Fox News' "Life, Liberty & Levin," "but when Democrats do it in, like, New York, Maryland, California" it becomes normalized practices.

Democrats have pointed harshly at the redistricting in Republican-led states and then retaliate with far more extensive bias in their states, according to Jordan.

"There's a lot of Republicans in California, but you look at the General Assembly in California — it's dominated, dominated by Democrats, but no, no, we never hear about that," Jordan said.

Former President Donald Trump blasted "phony redistricting" in a statement from his Save America PAC on Saturday:

"Republicans are getting absolutely creamed with the phony redistricting going on all over the Country. Even the Fake New York Times is having a hard time believing how ridiculous things have gotten. We were expecting to do well in New York and now we'll lose four seats and the old broken-down crow Mitch McConnell sits back and does nothing to help the party.

"The only thing Democrats are good at is cheating on elections, and the proof is out for everybody to see, but hold on, you haven't seen anything yet!"

Jordan noted the hypocrisy on gerrymandering can be overcome by some hard work, pitching the GOP message against the struggles of President Joe Biden and his administration and "campaign in a confident way, but not an overconfident way."

"My background [is] wrestling – we always say, 'Never be overconfident, just be confident,'" Jordan told host Mark Levin. "So we can't be overconfident. We've got to do the work.

"We've got to go talk to the American people. We've got to tell them how bad the Biden administration is, what we'll do if, in fact, we get power: the investigations, the oversight we'll do so the American people get the truth."

Jordan added there are a multitude of things Republicans could do as the majority party with Biden in the White House, including investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci in terms of his claims about coronavirus and the revelations about gain-of-function research funding, as well as probe the NIH and CDC.

"So there's all kinds of things that the American people want answers to, namely the attacks on their First Amendment rights that we need to have investigations on," he said.

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