Rep. Jordan to Newsmax: Biden Administration ‘Has Mishandled Everything’

Rep. Jordan to Newsmax: Biden Administration 'Has Mishandled Everything' (Newsmax/''American Agenda'')

By Charles Kim | Monday, 23 August 2021 06:02 PM

Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, told Newsmax that the administration of President Joe Biden ''has mishandled everything'' since taking office and the crises in Afghanistan and the U.S.-Mexico border are creating real threats to our national security.

''I don't know one good thing this administration has done. They've mishandled everything,'' Jordan said Monday on ''American Agenda.'' ''And it has to be, and I don't mean that because I'm a conservative Republican, but just logically looking at it, It has to be the worst start to any administration, certainly in my lifetime.''

Jordan said the crisis in Afghanistan as the U.S. a tries to pull out of the country, combined more than 200,000 crossings at the Mexican border last month alone, are a dangerous mixture as we try to keep our nation safe from outside threats.

''Tell me, tell me one thing they've done right,'' Jordan said. ''The border is a mess, inflation is up, crime is up in every city, and you've got this foreign policy mess in Afghanistan, so let's hope they get it. I am so concerned about that mixture of what's going on in the Middle East, specifically in Afghanistan, and the situation on our southern border, and our reputation on the world stage.''

The president's security adviser, Jake Sullivan, said Monday that more than 37,000 people had been evacuated from Afghanistan since Kabul fell to the Taliban on Aug. 14, and more are expected to be flown out.

Sullivan said the United States is continuing to work to get everyone out of the country who wants to go, including the Special Immigrant Visa holders who helped the U.S. in 20 years of war there.

He said the flights from Kabul are going to several ''transit hubs'' in third-party nations, while Americans are put on flights home and others are vetted before being allowed into the U.S. or other countries.

Calling it the ''largest airlift in history,'' Sullivan said some 26 countries are participating in the effort.

The number of SIVs holders to be evacuated ''is not capped,'' Sullivan said, but he wouldn't estimate what the total number would be.

Jordan worries, however, that many of these refugees may have come from Afghan prisons and were released by the Taliban and could be terrorists from ISIS or al-Qaida, which could pose a threat to the homeland, may try to enter the U.S. at the Mexican border.

''I'm very nervous about what may happen on our southern border because it is basically no longer a border,'' Jordan said. ''It is just wide open [with] 212,000 crossings last month, which is a record. I actually think you almost have to reach the conclusion this is deliberate. This is intentional what's happening on our border from this administration, which should concern every single American.''

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