Rep. Jordan to Newsmax: Situation ‘Chaotic’ at Border

Rep. Jordan to Newsmax: Situation 'Chaotic' at Border

By Brian Trusdell | Tuesday, 06 April 2021 11:03 PM

Rep. Jim Jordan decried conditions he witnessed Tuesday at a border detention facility for illegal immigrant children caught crossing the U.S.-Mexico, saying the area contained more than five times the number of minors its supposed to hold under normal conditions and nearly 16 times what its supposed to have under COVID-19 restrictions.

Appearing on Newsmax TV, the Ohio Republican said Customs and Border Protection officials confirmed reports that about 171,000 people were caught entering the country unlawfully in March, a 15-year high despite Biden administration claims that the increase is nothing more than a cyclical spike.

Jordan didn’t disclose which facility he visited, but said the situation isn’t much different than what he was prepared for.

“(It was) largely what we expected, but a few things stand out,” he said on “Stinchfield." “They told us today that last month was the busiest month for the Border Patrol since they've been keeping data and records. They said 40% of their people are devoted to processing, not to patrolling the border, but to processing the huge influx.

“And here's how bad it is in one of the pods we saw, it’s actually a pod core for kids, there's supposed to be 33 under COVID, approximately 100 under normal conditions, but they said today there were 527 kids in this one area. That's the influx. That's the chaos that we see. So, you know, I think the American people are tired of this. I said this last week in an interview. You know you can't get into your capital, but anybody in everybody can get into your country.”

Jordan laid the blame for the “chaotic” situation at the feet of the Biden administration, which reversed several immigration policies enacted under former President Donald Trump, some on the first day.

“That is the situation the Biden administration has given us, and they've yet to say whether they're going finish the wall yet, to say whether they're going go back to the process in Mexico policy. Policies that work,” Jordan said. “Maybe what we should say is forget that they were President Trump's policies. They were just policies that were that worked and were good for the country.

“Let's go back to those things.”

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