Rep. Joyce to Newsmax: Timing of Leaked SCOTUS Document ‘Suspicious’

Rep. Joyce to Newsmax: Timing of Leaked SCOTUS Document 'Suspicious' rep john joyce of Pennsylvania speaks at a house committee on homeland security meeting in 2020 Rep. John Joyce, R-Pa. (Andrew Harnik-Pool/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 03 May 2022 09:21 AM

If the Supreme Court declares Roe v. Wade unconstitutional, that would be a "monumental shift in our fight for life" and would give states the power to determine abortion laws while saving "millions of unborn lives," but it is still "suspicious" that a draft of the ruling would be leaked the night before two major primary elections, Rep. John Joyce said on Newsmax on Tuesday.

"We're on the precipice of an important change," the Pennsylvania Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "This fact that we could see an unconstitutional Roe v. Wade being reversed tells me how important it is that appointments to the Supreme Court like Amy Coney Barrett, like Justice (Brett) Kavanaugh by President (Donald) Trump are so important."

"These appointments allow unconstitutional laws like Roe v. Wade to be reexamined," Joyce said. "Almost five decades of the murder of unborn children are being once again reconsidered."

Still, the leaked document, particularly coming on the eve of primaries in Ohio and Indiana, must be looked at as being suspicious, said Joyce.
"The ability to release this information, release any type of evaluation of current law, needs to be protected," he said. "I look at the Supreme Court to be able to address this in the future."

Reaction to the leak was quick, including from 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, who tweeted from the Met Gala that the decision if finalized, is "not surprising. But still outrageous. This decision is a direct assault on the dignity, rights, & lives of women, not to mention decades of settled law. It will kill and subjugate women even as a vast majority of Americans think abortion should be legal. What an utter disgrace."

Joyce responded to Clinton's comments that it is "outrageous that we've had five decades of the murder of unborn children," and that a decision reversing Roe v. Wade would provide an opportunity to return the rulings on abortion to individual states like Mississippi and Florida, which have already made rules.

Meanwhile, returning the discussion to the primary elections, Joyce insisted that Republicans will regain the House of Representatives and "take back the United States."

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