Rep. Keller to Newsmax: Bullying Unvaxxed, a Slippery Slope

Rep. Keller to Newsmax: Bullying Unvaxxed, a Slippery Slope (Newsmax/"American Agenda")

By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 05 January 2022 06:42 PM

Rep. Fred Keller, R-Pa., warned on Newsmax that the bully rhetoric coming out of the Biden administration, pressuring the unvaxxed, trends toward a slippery slope.

"I thought bullying was a bad thing," Keller said on his "American Agenda" appearance. But "it's actually a learned behavior that's taught by the left."

Citing a CNN clip, of which a contributor stated they would try to prevent the unvaccinated from getting life insurance or raise the price of hospital bills, Keller adds, "when you do something that they don't like, or they don't agree with, that doesn't fit their political science, are they going to shame you and try and drive you out of society? That's not the America we live in."

But Keller adds that his constituents "know how to keep themselves, their family and their communities safe. And it isn't from Joe Biden imposing his will on the American people and using private industry to do that."

"We've proven we can get through the pandemic. We've proven that we can deliver goods and services, and we don't need to have Joe Biden using his political science to keep everybody divided. What we need to do is, we need to work on bringing people together." Keller believes this can be achieved by reopening the economy and "fixing" the supply-chain.

According to USA Today, the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments regarding two vaccine mandates on Friday. This comes at a time when the omicron variant is driving the majority of infections. However, in a report from the New York Post, Dr. Angelique Coetzee, the South African doctor who first broke news of the variant said, symptoms for this variant are "unusual but mild" in healthy patients.

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