Rep. Lesko to Newsmax: Blaming Trump For Border an ‘Out-and Out Lie’

Rep. Lesko to Newsmax: Blaming Trump For Border an 'Out-and Out Lie' (Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 28 June 2021 12:57 PM

It's "laughable" that President Joe Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and Democrats continue to blame former President Donald Trump for the border crisis, Rep. Debbie Lesko said Monday on Newsmax.

"It's an out-and-out lie," the Arizona Republican said during an appearance on Newsmax TV's "Wake Up America."

"President Trump had mitigated the problem at the border, and the numbers were really low. He had really enacted some really good things to ramp up our border security and now it's a total disaster."

The problems at the border are all because of the Democrats' open border policy, and because of Biden and Harris, Lesko added.

"They said they want to give citizenship to all of the illegals," she said. "They want to give free healthcare and stimulus checks. Of course, everybody is going to want to cross the border."

Further, the Biden administration stopped the construction of the border wall, meaning taxpayers have paid for material that is "just laying there, not being used," she said. "This is unconscionable, what they're doing to the American citizens and the migrants themselves.'

Harris' trip to El Paso, rather than other more troubled sites along the U.S.-Mexico border, is also an indication that the Biden administration doesn't "really care" about the crisis.

"All of their policies that are passing in the U. S. House of Representatives with only Democrats support and all of the things that Biden and Kamala Harris say promote more people to cross the border," said Lesko. "In my opinion, she doesn't really care about closing the border. They just want to help illegal immigrants. They want to continue to prioritize illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens."

She also accused the Biden administration of incentivizing people to come to the United States and said the immigrants are in grave danger while making the trip.

"Women are getting raped; girls are getting raped," said Lesko. "I talked to the Yuma sheriff and he said he gets reports of women being raped. Right across the river. It's just a sad state of affairs. It is a crisis and you know, these people are laughable when they say that it's trump's fault. It's their fault."

Harris' comments during her visit also show that former President Donald Trump, by announcing his own trip set for this Wednesday, is still "setting the agenda," said Lesko.

"She refused to go to the border for 93 days, and then all of a sudden, President Trump announces he's going to go to the border this week, and she has to make sure she gets there five days before (him)," said Lesko. "In her saying 'oh, I planned this all along,' give me a break."

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