Rep. Loudermilk: ‘No Difference’ Between Border Crisis, Home Invasion

Rep. Loudermilk: 'No Difference' Between Border Crisis, Home Invasion (Newsmax/''Stinchfield'')

By Luca Cacciatore | Thursday, 07 April 2022 09:24 PM

Rep. Barry Loudermilk, R-Ga., told Newsmax on Thursday that there was "no difference" between immigrants crossing the southern border illegally and claiming your neighbor's house as your own.

On "Stinchfield," Loudermilk described the Democrats' immigration agenda as endorsing a "completely open border" with administrators providing immigrants with a cellphone, lodging, vaccines, transportation and cash.

"There's no difference … between that and — you know — I like my neighbor's house. It's a little bigger. It's a little nicer. So, you know what I'm going to do? I'm just going to go over, knock on the door. When they open the door, I'm going to go into their house and tell them, 'You know what? I'm living here now.' What will they do? They'll call the police, and the police will come and run me out," Loudermilk said.

"There's no difference between these two scenarios. There's a legal way to do things, and there's an illegal way to do things," he continued.

Loudermilk also aired his grievances with the current congressional balance of power, preventing Republicans from addressing conditions on the border. He cited Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and Gov. Greg Abbott as examples of Republican leaders taking charge on the issue.

"It's very frustrating," the congressman said. "We're pushing in every way we can. … I know the Senate has been pushing this COVID relief bill … they're [Senate Republicans] trying to add to the COVID relief bill Title 42, to keep Title 42 active. So, these are the types of things we're going to have to work on."

"As long as the Democrats do not have the courage to stand up against [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi, it's going to be a little that we can do until we take control of the House in January of next year."

Loudermilk is up for reelection this year. Georgia's Republican primary election is on May 24, according to Ballotpedia. The general election is on Nov. 8.

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