Rep. Louie Gohmert to Newsmax: Do ‘Opposite’ of Biden’s ‘Ridiculous Plan’

Rep. Louie Gohmert to Newsmax: Do 'Opposite' of Biden's 'Ridiculous Plan' (Newsmax's "Cortes & Pellegrino")

By Nick Koutsobinas | Wednesday, 22 September 2021 10:31 PM

After Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas claimed "the border is secure," Rep. Louie Gohmert decried the administration's handling of the southern border.

"I don't see how they can get any more out of touch," Gohmert told Wednesday's "Cortes & Pellegrino" on Newsmax. "If they have a plan, then it's time to do exactly the opposite of whatever their ridiculous plan is."

"We've had records set for three months in a row going here, and [Mayorkas] says, 'our plan is working. We have a plan,'" Gohmert lamented to co-hosts Steve Cortes and Jenn Pellegrino.

"He is so out of touch. This looks like a third-world country, and why? Because that's where this administration, including Mayorkas, is taking us. They are turning this country into a cesspool. We can't have a welfare state and have open borders like this."

DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas said, as the Washington Examiner reported, the southern border was "no less secure" under President Joe Biden than under former President Donald Trump.

"The border is secure; we're executing our plan," Mayorkas said during a House Homeland Security Committee hearing.

According to Customs and Border Protection statistics, southwest border encounters for August totaled 208,887. That number is down from July, which totaled 213,534 encounters.

Gohmert added he does not believe Biden would make a trip to the southern border. Biden, Gohmert says, "doesn't know how to find his way out of wherever room he goes into. I don't know if it would do any good" for him to go down there. "But somebody who is responsible" should.

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