Rep. Mace to Newsmax: Biden Has Nothing to Celebrate in State of the Union

Rep. Mace to Newsmax: Biden Has Nothing to Celebrate in State of the Union (Newsmax/"John Bachman Now")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 31 January 2022 01:47 PM

President Joe Biden's first year in office has been filled with one controversy after another, so it's hard to tell what he'll celebrate when he gives his first State of the Union address a month from now, Rep. Nancy Mace said on Newsmax Monday.

"I would imagine we'll see President Biden bring up the Supreme Court nominee or nomination that he has over the next few weeks and months," the South Carolina Republican said on Newsmax's "John Bachman Now."

"I expect that to be a big one. Ukraine obviously is on the agenda. We're paying more attention to the border of Ukraine than we are our southern border, so anything to redirect the crisis that our southern border to another country's border, I'm sure we'll be at the top of his agenda."

However, Mace said she doubts Biden will speak about inflation unless it's to discuss the ways, "in his mind," that the Build Back Better bill would have helped, even when what the legislation would do, if it ever ends up passing, will raise taxes and inflation.

"You know he's got very low poll numbers," said Mace. "There's crisis after crisis with this administration, so there's not a lot to celebrate in any State of the Union at this juncture."

Biden has been snapping back at some reporters when pressed on certain issues, show host John Bachman noted.

Mace replied that any of the crises the nation is facing "whether it's the border, whether it's healthcare, whether it's inflation, Ukraine, foreign affairs you name it. These are crises started by Joe Biden or his administration. He has no one to blame but himself."

Further, Biden reversed policies set in place by former President Donald Trump and his administration, and that has made things worse, said Mace.

Mace also spoke out against reports that Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg is pushing for a federalized traffic camera system, and said that instead, an infrastructure bill that addresses problems with the nation's roads and bridges is what is needed, not the bill that passed giving relatively little to those projects.

"We need better roads," she said. "Better roads mean safer roads, right? They talk about additional bike lanes or bus lanes, public transportation lines. Those things do not make our roads any safer whatsoever."

The congresswoman noted that there are "so many bridges" falling in her state, including one in her district a few years ago.

"If we get truly invested in traditional infrastructure rather than equity, but real infrastructure, we could get much of this [done] with that trillion dollars," she said of the bill.

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