Rep. Mace to Newsmax: Pentagon Likely Had More Than ‘Heads Up’ on Attack

Rep. Mace to Newsmax: Pentagon Likely Had More Than 'Heads Up' on Attack (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 30 August 2021 03:15 PM

There was most likely more than a "heads up" about the impending terrorist attack at the Abbey Gate at the Kabul Airport last week, Rep. Nancy Mace said on Newsmax Monday while commenting on reports that the Pentagon was briefed on the danger.

"This exit has been completely bungled to put it gently, and to put it nicely, I have heard the same reports and I believe that we had more of a heads up in just a few hours on the threats to Abbey Gate," the South Carolina Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "Much of what we hear in the press from the administration, or even the Cabinet isn't necessarily what I'm hearing reports on the ground…I would love more clarity on how we're going to get our own citizens out of Afghanistan who are stuck whom we have left behind. How the heck are we going to get him out of there after this arbitrary August 31st deadline?"

She added that she doesn't trust the Taliban to keep Americans safe, particularly with the upcoming anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

"I just can't imagine that we're putting our trust and our faith in the Taliban to allow our people to get out of there after the 31st," she said. "That sounds incredulous and sounds stupid."

Politico, reported Monday that just 24 hours before the suicide bomber attack outside the Hamid Karzai International Airport, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin instructed senior military leaders gathered at the Pentagon to prepare for an imminent "mass casualty event," according to classified detailed notes of the gathering that were shared with the outlet.

Mace said she called for President Joe Biden's resignation Sunday night, complaining that his White House had been away "on vacation" during the fall of Kabul.

"I just can't even believe that this is the kind of administration that we're dealing with, the incompetence that we're seeing at every level of government right now," said Mace. "He should resign, absolutely, and we need to find someone who will take the job seriously. I just cannot believe this is how this administration has been operating it's shocking."

She also said it's "heartbreaking" to think about the trauma the nation's newest Gold Star families are suffering after the deaths of 13 members of the military in the Abbey Gate attack.

"They gave everything their lives, their livelihood their families they sacrificed at all for us and our freedoms," she said. "The very best that we can do is get all of our citizens out of Afghanistan. If you were an ally on the ground and you're willing to take a bullet for one of our Marines or one of our soldiers as an interpreter we should, also once we get our citizens out, help you find safe passage. There are dozens of countries all around the world that are willing to welcome vetted refugees from Afghanistan."

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