Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to Newsmax: Jan. 6 ‘Just a Riot’, Wasn’t Coordinated

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene to Newsmax: Jan. 6 'Just a Riot', Wasn't Coordinated Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga. (Jessica McGowan/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 08 June 2022 02:51 PM

The Jan. 6 incidents at the Capitol were "just a riot," that was not planned or coordinated by anyone, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene said on Newsmax on Wednesday, one day before the committee investigating the matter will air its first prime-time hearing.

"Here's the real truth, that I was there, and I have already said on a witness stand," the Georgia Republican said on Newsmax's "John Bachman Now." "Remember, I'm the only member of Congress that's actually had to go to trial and under oath testify about Jan. 6. The truth about Jan. 6 is that there was just a riot, and that's it. No one planned it. No one coordinated it and President [Donald] Trump had nothing to do with it. Nor did Peter Navarro or anyone in his staff and no member of Congress had anything to do with it."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's select committee will start the prime-time hearings this week, beginning at 8 p.m. Thursday, when it plans to share the findings of its investigation into the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol.

The program will be produced by former ABC News President James Goldston. Greene said that the decision to hire him for the presentation is from the "Democrat playbook."

"We already saw them use it to the fullest extent with the Russia hoax," she said. "This is what Democrats do. They create a show, they create basically a movie, a fictional story, and a tale they want to sell to the American people through the media, and the media does their bidding."

With Goldston producing the broadcast, the committee will "tell a lie about President Trump, his staff and members of Congress like myself and other Republicans, and they're going to tell a lie about people that were there that day," Greene said.

But the people who "did do those things that day" have "already been charged and some of them are rotting away in the D.C. jail," said Greene. "That's the truth about Jan. 6."

The committee's purpose, she added, is "about a federal takeover of our elections, which should never, ever happen."

"That's why [Rep.] Jamie Raskin is talking about elections because he wants to take over," Greene said. "They've already presented a bill and it went through the House last year where they wanted to radically control elections all over the country. That's not what should happen out of this at all."

The committee is also "designed to dirty up Republicans as much as possible," and to "make President Trump look as bad as possible to the American people, just like they did to him with the Russian hoax, and then they're going to try to change things in the election."

Meanwhile, Greene said that people are not asking her about Jan. 6 when she goes back to her state.

"They are so upset about the condition of our country and the leadership that is running us into the ground," said Greene. "I have farmers in my district who are on the verge of going out of business because they can't afford fertilizer. They can't afford diesel fuel to run their tractors and their equipment…we should care about food for the rest of us in the grocery store because we're about to have some very serious problems."


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