Rep. Mast to Newsmax: ‘Nobody’ Believes Biden Would Destroy Iran’s Nukes, if Challenged

Rep. Mast to Newsmax: 'Nobody' Believes Biden Would Destroy Iran's Nukes, if Challenged (Newsmax/"Spicer & Co.")

By Jay Clemons | Tuesday, 19 July 2022 07:29 PM EDT

Unlike previous presidential tenures, Rep. Brian Mast, R-Fla., believes the Biden administration doesn't strike much fear into the hearts of the United States' enemies, in terms of backing up tough talk with physical force, if sufficiently challenged.

As a result, Mast says Iran can claim that it's on the brink of possessing the technological capabilities for a nuclear weapon, without fear of immediate American reprisal under President Joe Biden's watch.

"'Fear' is one of the most important terms you can use," Mast told Newsmax Tuesday night, while appearing on "Spicer & Co." with host Lyndsay Keith. "There is nobody on the face of the Earth that believes the Biden administration would destroy Iran's nuclear infrastructure," if forced to act swiftly and aggressively.

Mast then added, "That fear absolutely does not exist today."

With the Biden administration reviving talk of reinstating the so-called Iran Nuclear Deal — which was initiated during President Barack Obama's tenure, but rejected by former President Donald Trump a few years later — Mast worries U.S. officials could be revisiting a one-way relationship that enriches Iran … but doesn't necessarily bring the two countries together.

Or, make the world any closer to sustainable peace.

"No. 1, look at who Iran is," says Mast, alluding to Iran's placement on America's "Sponsors of Terror" list, along with Cuba, Syria, and North Korea.

Mast also loathes how Iran's leaders have been open about their desire to destroy America and its allies for many years.

"Allowing that capability for [Iran] to have the most powerful weapon on the face of the Earth shouldn't make sense to anybody," says Mast, a House Committee on Foreign Affairs member, who's also up for reelection in November, representing Florida's 21st District.

Here's another area of concern for Mast: Unlike during the Obama era, when Iran's nuclear program was still in the developmental stages, the country now poses a greater threat to other Western powers.

Also, Russia and Iran have apparently strengthened diplomatic and military ties in recent years.

Compared to 2014, "the globe is in a far worse negotiating position" with Iran, says Mast. And President Biden's potential reluctance to back up nuclear threats "is just another continuation of Afghanistan, where the globe is looking at the Biden administration" for strength and guidance.

Instead, Mast says the current White House apparently finds more comfort in striking deals "with those who are sworn enemies" to America, and thus "turning his back on our traditional allies."


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