Rep. Meuser to Newsmax: Biden Still ‘Divider-in-Chief’ in Press Remarks

Rep. Meuser to Newsmax: Biden Still 'Divider-in-Chief' in Press Remarks Rep. Dan Meuser, R-Pa., during a hearing March 10, 2021 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC. (Ting Shen-Pool/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 20 January 2022 02:27 PM

President Joe Biden, in "typical" form, did "a lot of explaining and a lot of blaming" in his press conference, but he gave no real answers and remained a divisive force, Rep. Dan Meuser said on Newsmax on Thursday.

"A year ago, I stood outside the Capitol listening to Joe Biden's swearing-in, and he talked about being united," the Pennsylvania Republican said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "He talked about being united. He's been the divider-in-chief."

The president, Meuser pointed out, in his speech last week in Georgia "referred to anyone who doesn't believe in his party's attempts to take over our elections basically as racists."

Further, the country's national security issues are an "unmitigated disaster," including in Ukraine, said Meuser.

"He gave somewhat of a green light to certainly a yellow light to [Vladimir] Putin related to 'let's see how much of an incursion' he makes into Ukraine," the congressman continued. "It's not right."

Biden initially suggested during his press conference that there could be a lower price to pay for a "minor incursion" by Russia into Ukraine, but after that, White House press secretary Jen Psaki issued a clarification, saying that the U.S. response to any Russian aggression on Ukraine would be ''decisive, reciprocal, and united.''

But Meuser said the president's comments show that he's "already trying to minimize errors that are about to take place, reminiscent of Afghanistan."

"So as far as the report card goes as uniter, absolute F," said Meuser. "As far as national security because the list goes on there, an F. As far as his COVID response, F."

Biden also said Wednesday that he raised the question of transparency on COVID with China during his conversations with Chinese President Xi Jinping last year, a contradiction with a White House readout about the conversation that mentioned several topics including trade, human rights, Afghanistan, Iran, North Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Xinjiang, a free and open Indo-Pacific, health security, the climate crisis, and global energy supplies, but did not mention any conversation about COVID-19.

When asked why the press staff had reported no conversations about COVID, Biden responded that they weren't present for the full conversation.

Meuser said he doesn't believe Biden, and that he doesn't "think the president believes the president."

"Maybe he brought it up," said Meuser, adding that the Biden administration is aware of China's efforts to hide the origins of the pandemic.

"All the data points to that it occurred and the virus came from a lab in Wuhan, but it was accidental or deliberate, that's where it came from. And he's not even attempting to get to the bottom of it," the congressman said.

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