Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax: 32 GOP Infrastructure Supporters ‘Gave Gift to Dictatorial Socialism’

Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax: 32 GOP Infrastructure Supporters 'Gave Gift to Dictatorial Socialism' (Newsmax/"Stinchfield")

By Charles Kim | Wednesday, 10 November 2021 06:02 AM

Rep. Mo Brooks told Newsmax Tuesday that the 32 Republican members of the House and Senate that voted for the $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure package President Joe Biden plans to sign next week, gave the Democrats a "gift of dictatorial socialism."

"It's not just those 13 Republicans in the House. It's also those 19 Republicans in the Senate, who voted the same way," the Alabama Republican said during "Stinchfield" Tuesday. "These 32 gave a gift to dictatorial socialism and its march on America, and in so doing, they betrayed the very voters who sent them to Washington D.C., to represent our foundational principles that have combined to make America the greatest nation world history."

After months of negotiations, the bipartisan infrastructure bill finally passed both chambers of Congress, passing the evenly split 50-50 Senate with the help of 13 Republicans in August, then passing the House 228-206 Saturday with the help of another 19 Republican members.

The bill, presented by Biden, will fund a number of transportation projects dealing with roads, bridges, tunnels, ports, and airports, as well as modernize broadband throughout the country, according to the White House.

"President Biden believes that we must invest in our country and in our people, creating good-paying union jobs, tackling the climate crisis, and growing the economy sustainably, and equitably for decades to come," the White House said in a statement announcing the bill earlier this year. "The bipartisan Infrastructure Framework is a critical step in accomplishing these objectives."

Biden is expected to sign the legislation into law in the coming week, according to officials.

"(Former) President Trump called it the fake infrastructure bill, and that's exactly what it was," Rep. Pat Fallon, R-Texas, who joined Brooks on "Stinchfield," said. "About 10 percent, if you want to be generous, goes to actual, real, infrastructure, and it's not paid for. According to the Congressional Budget Office, there is going to be a deficit of about $400 billion. That is the furthest thing I can ever attribute to a ‘good piece of legislation.’ It was a piece of garbage, and if we had held together (as Republicans against the bill), we would have won the day, and we wouldn’t be saddling the Americans with another $1.2 trillion in debt."

According to the White House, $312 billion of the $1.2 trillion will go to transportation, while $266 billion is set aside for other infrastructure including broadband, water systems, environmental remediation, and modernizing the power grid.

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