Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax TV: Intel, Evidence of Antifa in DC Violence

Rep. Mo Brooks to Newsmax TV: Intel, Evidence of Antifa in DC Violence (Newsmax TV/"Stinchfield")

By Brian Trusdell | Wednesday, 06 January 2021 09:00 PM

Alabama Rep. Mo Brooks told Newsmax TV on Wednesday that he knew of intelligence prior that antifa was planning to impersonate Trump supporters in Washington and storm the U.S. Capitol, and also that there is evidence that the leftist militant group was present during violence that broke out in the halls of Congress.

“I would hope that people would reserve judgment on who the perpetrators of this are,” Brooks said on “Stinchfield.” “There was some intelligence, received prior to today, that antifa was going to try to impersonate Trump supporters and attack the capitol.

“Now, whether these people who did the actual violence were antifa, or antifa plus Trump supporters, or only Trump supporters, or anarchists, or somebody else, we really need to wait until an investigation has been conducted, and not jump to conclusions when the evidence is incomplete.”

Hundreds of people stormed the barriers surrounding the Capitol, eventually overwhelming police and security, and entered the building, where a civilian woman – according to some accounts – was shot in the chest and later died.

“I have seen evidence that it was fascist antifa involved,” Brooks said. “And of course you have people who were dressed up as Trump supporters, waving Trump flags, and so I think by inference it’s reasonable to conclude that Trump supporters were also involved, but I would not exclude antifa at this point because of the prior warning and then the evidence that I’ve seen.”

Brooks did not specify where the intelligence that he referred to came from nor what evidence he had of antifa involvement.

“It did distract from our message,” Brooks said referring to the objections raised by Republicans to certifying the Electoral College results in Congress on Wednesday. “And you have to ask yourself, ‘Well, who would be motivated to distract from the message of talking about the voter fraud and election theft that occurred on a massive scale?’

“And I don’t believe that that’s in the interest of the Trump supporters to detract from that message.”

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