Rep. Mooney to Newsmax: Liberals Leading to ‘Revolt at the Ballot Box’

Rep. Mooney to Newsmax: Liberals Leading to 'Revolt at the Ballot Box' rep alex mooney of west virginia attends a campaign rally Rep. Alex Mooney, R-W.Va. (Gene J. Puskar/AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 10 May 2022 11:03 AM

Rep. Alex Mooney, fighting for reelection in Tuesday's West Virginia primary election, argued on Newsmax that there is a "revolt at the ballot box" underway because of liberal practices that encourage such actions as the protests at conservative-leaning Supreme Court justices' homes over the leaked Roe v. Wade draft decision.

"It was nice to hear the president say he believes that constitutional right to protest that reinforces any breaking of the laws in the same way they did for the Jan. 6 protesters who were in D.C.," Mooney, a West Virginia Republican, said on Newsmax's "National Report." "They've got a witch hunt commission investigating them, but pro-abortion leftists protested and the liberals don't want to enforce it."

As for the protesters, "their lives are safe because they're born, but the human life begins at conception, and preborn babies deserve the same respect and protection of their lives as everybody else," said Mooney. "They don't get that, but it's the taking of human life and it's right for people to stand up against killing unborn children."

Mooney has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump in a hard-fought race against another incumbent, Rep. David McKinley, R-W.Va. They are facing each other after the state lost a seat in redistricting.

McKinley, who was invited to be on Newsmax but did not appear, received endorsements from other powerful politicians, including West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice and Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va.

Mooney told Newsmax that Trump endorsed him because he is "actually a fighter against this left-wing agenda," while McKinley "has been a Republican in name only RINO," who has "voted with the Democrats far too often, including on President Joe Biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and for the Jan. 6 select committee.

Mooney said inflation is a "huge issue," including in West Virginia, but "all the Democrats know how to do is spend and spend and spend."

"All this spending and debt is causing inflation, not to mention supply chain issues when folks are given more money not to work and to avoid work," he said. "We need to encourage people to work, to have federal policies that encourage work, not welfare type of situations."

Mooney also called to reopen land for drilling, as there are "so many policies that are overregulation from this current administration that is causing this inflation. They just don't get it because they believe in socialism, not freedom."

The country must also reopen after the coronavirus pandemic, said Mooney.

"All the Democrats can think about is higher taxes and more spending and more debt because they think the federal government is the solution to every problem in people's lives, and it's, frankly, the opposite," said Mooney. "The federal government is causing all these problems. That's not what we need. We need more freedom."

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