Rep. Murphy to Newsmax: Biden ‘Out of Touch’ With Vaccine Comments

Rep. Murphy to Newsmax: Biden 'Out of Touch' With Vaccine Comments (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 05 January 2022 02:40 PM

President Joe Biden, with his comments Tuesday insisting there is no reason for anyone to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19, continued his legacy of being "out of touch," Rep. Greg Murphy said on Newsmax Wednesday.

"I do think the unvaccinated are those who are obviously most likely to contract severe illness," the North Carolina congressman said on Newsmax's "National Report." "But we found out, especially now with this omicron variant, that vaccinated individuals are three times more likely to be affected by omicron than by delta."

Biden on Tuesday said vaccines, booster shots, and therapeutic drugs have mitigated the danger for most people who are fully vaccinated.

"You can still get COVID, but it’s highly unlikely, very unlikely, that you’ll become seriously ill," Biden said.
"He continues on this whole rhetoric," said Murphy. "We are not going to vaccinate our way out of this pandemic. This virus is going to have to mutate into a form that's less virulent. We're going to have to use other therapeutics. He's just honestly tone-deaf as he is with so many other policies that he does not understand the issue."

Murphy also commented on Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer's call to stop the filibuster in order to push voting reform through the Senate and said that Democrats want the legislation so they can "make fraudulent elections the law of the land and get rid of voter ID, which … overwhelmingly the American public wants."

But without the identification, "anybody can vote" and that means a "fraudulent environment for elections in this country," said Murphy.

"They've never … wanted to be the party of the law of the land," he continued. "I don't think it passes."

The lawmaker said he also thought it would be the "utter height of hypocrisy" for Schumer and Biden to call for ending the filibuster when in the past they called to keep it while fighting against Republican-led initiatives.

"There's no consistency whatsoever, which has been the rule of this administration," said Murphy. "There's been nothing consistent. You look at the pandemic. You look at other things. There's been nothing consistent in there."

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