Rep. Murphy to Newsmax: Supreme Court Will Remove Mandate Uncertainty

Rep. Murphy to Newsmax: Supreme Court Will Remove Mandate Uncertainty Greg Murphy speaking at a press conference. Rep. Greg Murphy. (Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 23 December 2021 09:40 AM

It's good that the Supreme Court will take up President Joe Biden's vaccine mandates just after the first of the new year because that will take the "air of uncertainty" out of them, Rep. Greg Murphy said on Newsmax Thursday.

"I've been very pro-vaccination, but I'm not for mandates," the North Carolina Republican, who is also a doctor, said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "I don't believe they're the right thing to do."

Murphy pointed out that Japan, where there are no mandates, has a 78% vaccination rate.

"You don't beat people with a stick," said Murphy. "You educate them and allow them to make the decision, and I think the vast majority will. Unfortunately, we have beaten them with a stick and many people have subsequently become resistant to any thought of being vaccinated and that's wrong."

Murphy also on Thursday said he believes the Centers for Disease Control should change its guidance on isolation period after possible exposure to COVID, such as the United Kingdom has done.

"We should have done that a year ago," said Murphy. "When we first started this, everybody went to the extremes of what we needed to do, and I'm not faulting folks for doing that at the time."

However, he said that in the United States, "we didn't learn from what we were doing, and we went by these mandates that came out of the air."

Biden should have also isolated because of his exposure to someone with COVID, but he hasn't, Murphy pointed out.

"Again, good for you but not for me," said Murphy.

Further, the omicron variant of the disease is now leading the cause of new cases, but "we are not seeing nearly the lethality or severity of illness with this," said Murphy, adding that it may be a "blessing in disguise."

"Yes, I'm fearful about my colleagues in the hospitals and the healthcare settings of being overrun because of the mere numbers of individuals, but the good thing is that most of these individuals are not deathly ill," said Murphy.

"If you look back at the Spanish flu, it lasted here in the United States for about 14 months and it was extremely deadly," he continued. "We didn't have any vaccines. We didn't have antivirals back then, it just went away, and some of the current thinking about that is that something like omicron eventually came and the population was infected, and eventually it didn't become so severe. It became more like the common cold."

Murphy also said he doesn't think reports should be made about the daily cases of COVID, but instead, the focus should be on hospitalizations and deaths.

"It's just continued a theme of fear in the country," Murphy said. "Enough is enough. Let's treat things just like we would the regular flu."

But some don't want the fear to go away, like Dr. Anthony Fauci, said Murphy, but the "American people have grown very weary" of the pandemic.

Fauci will celebrate his 81st birthday on Friday, but Murphy said he doesn't think the doctor will step down or be asked to resign, especially because of his age.

"Look at Biden's age," he said. "He's not going to get rid of a guy because of his age … he's entrenched. Instead of running this country by a panel of doctors, it's just been his word. It undermines the reliability and trustworthiness of the medical profession."

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