Rep. Norman to Newsmax: Biden Is ‘Denier in Chief’ on Recession

Rep. Norman to Newsmax: Biden Is 'Denier in Chief' on Recession

(Newsmax/"American Agenda")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 30 July 2022 03:35 PM EDT

President Joe Biden is the "denier in chief," and his attempts to paint the Inflation Reduction Act as the cure for the record inflation that has hit the United States is "just completely backward," Rep. Ralph Norman said on Newsmax Saturday.

"The problem with this administration is they're continuing to derail this once-great economy," the South Carolina Republican commented on Newsmax's "American Agenda." "The [gross domestic product] is down 0.9%, the last quarter, 1.6%. The Fed is raising rates 75 basis points for the second time. Inflation is over 9% you know. I don't know how [Biden] is continuing to deny this."

Meanwhile, many Republicans were blindsided this past week when Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he has agreed to the bill, seen as a revamped "Build Back Better" bill, particularly after he and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz., had in the past "offered some sanity along the Democrats in Congress," said Norman.

"I think he must have gotten something that helps West Virginia and his crony capitalism," said Norman. "My hope is that Sinema will say no, and we'll be the lone voice of, you know, using common sense. But you know, every 1% that is borrowed and not paid back, with $30 trillion in debt:1% of $30 trillion is $300 billion that it saddles the taxpayers with."

The Senate does not have the votes to pare back the measure, he added, so he hopes the House will do that.

"It's insane what they're doing, and they show no signs of sling down, which is completely backward," said Norman.

Manchin, meanwhile, said that he thinks that in other times the bill could have had bipartisan support, but Norman said it's something he would "absolutely" not have backed.

"It's just their intention to tax Americans more to try to justify paying for the 15% corporate tax rate they're looking to levy," said Norman."The taxpayers are getting hit and so many different ways, and that's why the slowdown of the economy. The recession, they can say it's not there, but talk to the business person on the streets paying the taxes will tell you what it's caused him and he'll tell you why their businesses are suffering all over this country, which is so sad."

Norman also on Saturday spoke out about the threats being made by China over House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's plans to visit Taiwan.

"That China is being bold enough to make this kind of statement just shows how weak America is in the eyes of foreign leaders," said Norman. "For them to say that they're going to shoot down the American planes that accompany Pelosi under Donald Trump, this would never happen."

But it would be even worse if Pelosi skips Taiwan over the threats, said Norman.

"If she doesn't go, that's going to signal more weakness, and that they're scared of a country that is America's enemy," he said.


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