Rep. Randy Weber to Newsmax: Biden Bears ‘Some Responsibility’ in Guardsman’s Death

Rep. Randy Weber to Newsmax: Biden Bears 'Some Responsibility' in Guardsman's Death president joe biden bows his head in the shadows in mourning at church President Joe Biden (Raphael Lafargue/AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 26 April 2022 01:27 PM

President Joe Biden bears "some responsibility" for the death of Texas National Guard Spc. Bishop Evans, who drowned trying to rescue two migrants from the Rio Grande River this past Friday, as he is to blame for the problems at the border that were coming under control with former President Donald Trump, Rep. Randy Weber, R-Texas, told Newsmax.

"He bears responsibility for a lot of the harm that's going on down there," Weber told Tuesday's "National Report." "I've been to the border probably eight or nine times. He's not making it better. President Trump made it better. People ought to have to remain in Mexico to make their claim for asylum. We just don't have the resources to vet them."

Evans, 22, was at the border as part of the state's Operation Lone Star, which deploys members of the Texas National Guard to assist the Border Patrol with its duties. He drowned in the river near Eagle Pass, Texas, while the two migrants he saved are now in custody.

Weber also spoke out about the administration's call to lift the Title 42 restrictions at the border, which were put in place during Trump's presidency to limit immigration over health concerns with COVID.

A federal judge has stepped in to block lifting Title 42, and Weber said the United States should be able to keep the regulation – not only to offer protection from COVID but from other diseases.

"People are coming north you know with diseases, and the truth of the matter is we don't know how many people in coming from the southern part of below our border have COVID or the measles," Weber said. "There are a lot of other infectious diseases that we've done away with a long time ago in the United States of America."

The drug cartels are also posing dangers to the United States, Weber said.

"How many Americans have to be killed and hurt?" he said. "How many more have to be killed before we say let's secure our border?"

Weber also reacted to recent comments from White House press secretary Jen Psaki, who criticized Trump for his focus on building a border wall rather than concentrating on comprehensive immigration reform.

"Even the White House has walls around it, walls to protect them, but not to protect the regular Americans," said Weber, adding the people in the White House are protected by armed guards, "but they don't want us law-abiding citizens to be able to have a gun.

"So, the hypocrisy from the left is just out of control. People will know that in November and they will rise up and throw them out."

The congressman offered further comments on the news billionaire Elon Musk is buying Twitter, and said he and other Republicans "hope that he will put it back in the format that it should be, and that, of course, is free speech."

"If you're a conservative, and you have an opinion, oh, no, that cannot be allowed," Weber lamented. "The hypocrisy there is really unbelievable. We think he'll do a good job getting it back to where it needs to be."

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