Rep. Reschenthaler to Newsmax: ‘America First’ Agenda Driving The ‘New Republican Party’

Rep. Reschenthaler to Newsmax: 'America First' Agenda Driving The 'New Republican Party' (Newsmax/"The Chris Salcedo Show")

By Jay Clemons | Wednesday, 27 April 2022 06:36 PM

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., doesn't subscribe to the idea of conservatives breaking off into a third political party as a means of guarding against so-called RINOs, or Republicans In Name Only.

In Reschenthaler's mind, that transformation has already occurred in-house.

"You've got to remember that 'third party,' we already have it — it's the new Republican Party," said Reschenthaler. "This is no longer the party of Paul Ryan and John Boehner. This is now President Trump's Republican Party."

Reschenthaler — who served as a U.S. Navy J.A.G. officer in Iraq before taking congressional office — defended the honor and integrity of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy in the wake of the New York Times touting a series of audio clips in which McCarthy allegedly dismisses former President Trump, along with other GOP leaders.

"Kevin McCarthy is part of that (new party approach)," Reschenthaler said on "The Chris Salcedo Show."

"He's (been aligned) with President Trump, he's been at President Trump's side. … I believe the (New York Times audio) comments were taken out of context, clearly said in jest.

"There's been no bigger advocate for free speech than Kevin McCarthy. When Marjorie Taylor Greene got shadowbanned, and then (temporarily) kicked off Twitter, it was Kevin McCarthy (and the GOP legal team) helping to get her reinstated."

Reschenthaler has been skeptical of the media framing of McCarthy's audio leaks, especially since the sound bites have yet to be universally distributed.

"By even discussing this, we're playing into the hands of the mainstream media's plan. We're falling into the trap that Democrats have (set) for us. They want us talking about inner-party squabbles, instead of Hunter Biden, the chaos at the (southern) border," along with the Biden administration's poor handling of last year's Afghanistan debacle.

"We're not talking about any of that stuff. Instead, it's inner-party politics," said Reschenthaler.

With the upcoming November midterm elections, Republicans are seemingly positioned well for overtaking the House and Senate chambers.

The Republicans need a net positive of +5 seats to claim the majority in the House chamber, and just a net of +1 seat to control the Senate.

Reschenthaler has plenty of confidence about Republicans overtaking the House and Senate. He ends every speculative-outcome sentence with "for which we will," and is quick to condemn President Joe Biden for allowing the overseas business dealings of his son, Hunter Biden.

Will that lead to impeachment proceedings in January, if Republicans are in control?

"We've got to be ready to go" with an impeachment case, if necessary, Reschenthaler said, while repeating the McCarthy analogy: "We get the bus ready to go before we take off."

"This is a very different party than we've had in the past," said Reschenthaler, who pledges "robust" oversight and investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden down the road.

In the end, "Joe Biden will have much more in common with Whitey Bulger than he does (former President John F. Kennedy Jr.)."

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