Rep. Reschenthaler to Newsmax: Never Trump Movement ‘Off Base’ With Voters

Rep. Reschenthaler to Newsmax: Never Trump Movement 'Off Base' With Voters (Newsmax/"The Chris Salcedo Show")

By Luca Cacciatore | Friday, 05 August 2022 06:34 PM EDT

Rep. Guy Reschenthaler, R-Pa., told Newsmax that Republicans who oppose former President Donald Trump are making decisions based on "personality, not about policy."

Reschenthaler's comments Friday on "The Chris Salcedo Show" are in response to a recent attack ad by former Vice President Dick Cheney in support of his daughter, Rep. Liz Cheney, who is facing a Trump-backed Republican primary challenger in Wyoming.

"Remember, Trump won Wyoming overwhelmingly. His favorability in Wyoming is very high. So if the Cheneys are trying to make this election a referendum on Trump, they're going to be sorely disappointed in the results," Reschenthaler said.

Cheney's top challenger is former Republican National Committee member Harriet Hageman, who is leading the incumbent representative by a 28-point margin, 59% to 31%, according to a recent WPA Intelligence survey. Meanwhile, candidate Anthony Bouchard sat at 5%.

"I think that Liz Cheney will ultimately lose in Wyoming," Reschenthaler said. "But additionally, this talk saying that 'President Trump is the greatest threat to democracy' — if we look back, we had the Brits in the War of 1812 literally burning our Capitol building to the ground … I could rattle off a litany of threats that are more dangerous than one single man.

"To compare him to some kind of danger is totally misleading," he added.

Reschenthaler also claimed that with economic hardship and budgeting issues hampering military development, President Joe Biden's lack of leadership on the world stage has exacerbated the United States' vulnerability on the world stage.

"With Biden and [Secretary of State Antony] Blinken, the woke left kowtowing to communist China, showing acquiescence in the land war in Europe and then the disastrous withdrawal and surrender in Afghanistan, we're not taken seriously," the congressman said.


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