Rep. Rodney Davis to Newsmax: Would Focus on Security If on Jan. 6 Panel

Rep. Rodney Davis to Newsmax: Would Focus on Security If on Jan. 6 Panel (Newsmax/"Saturday Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Saturday, 11 June 2022 12:45 PM

Rep. Rodney Davis, who was one of the Republicans who had originally been selected by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to sit on the House Select Committee investigating the Jan. 6 events at the Capitol, said that had he joined the panel, his focus would have been on the lack of consistent security around Capitol Hill.

"We can't continue to have the leadership of the security apparatus politicized on Capitol Hill and put our brave men and women in danger that are in that uniform every day protecting us," the Illinois Republican said on Newsmax's "Saturday Report."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, he added, "knows that we have evidence that most of the security decisions, if not all of them, when it comes to the House of Representatives with the House sergeant (at) arms, are run through right directly to the speaker's staff.

"Major security decisions are run to the speaker's staff before they are made, and then also given to Republicans," Davis said. "This is why the security posture, no security posture failed … the evidence and other bipartisan investigations have clearly shown that President (Donald) Trump and his Department of Defense offered National Guard assistance on Jan. 2 and Jan. 3."

He added that the "brave men and women of the Capitol Police, they're my heroes," noting that he was on the baseball field for practice for the congressional baseball game when "this crazy liberal gunman came and screamed 'health care' at us while he tried to change the balance of power in the House by killing Republican members of Congress.

"I know what brave officers do when there's danger, and they're well-trained," Davis said of the Capitol Police.

Along with Davis, McCarthy had picked Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio, Jim Banks of Indiana, Kelly Armstrong of North Dakota, and Troy Nehls of Texas to serve on the committee.

However, Pelosi rejected Jordan and Banks, both of whom are strong supporters of Trump, leading McCarthy to pull back all his selections.

Pelosi appointed just two Republicans to the panel, Reps. Liz Cheney of Wyoming and Adam Kinzinger of Illinois. Neither of Pelosi's appointments are Trump supporters.

Davis told Newsmax Saturday that the American people want balance and fairness, but that is not what they are getting from the panel that was seated.

"They don't want something that has been put together by one side and having nothing more than a partisan argument," Davis said.

Meanwhile, Davis said Thursday night's prime-time committee hearing didn't attract "much more than a normal viewership of the nightly news" and that the group "failed miserably to give the American people any new information. Therefore, no one watched."


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