Rep. Ronny Jackson: VP Harris’ Immigration ‘Rebuild’ Claims ‘Pathetic’

Rep. Ronny Jackson: VP Harris' Immigration 'Rebuild' Claims 'Pathetic' ronny jackson speaks into mic outside Rep. Ronny Jackson, R-Texas, speaking at a press conference on April 20, 2021, where Republican House members from Texas talked about their recent trip to the southern border. (Michael Brochstein/Sipa USA via AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 26 April 2021 02:44 PM

Rep. Ronny Jackson said Monday Vice President Kamala Harris' weekend claims that the Biden administration has been left to "rebuild" the nation's immigration and border situation are "pathetic."

"In their absolute haste to go in and undo every single thing that Trump did and to appease the far left, they created this disaster at the border that's a political hot potato in addition to a big disaster for our country on many fronts," the Texas Republican, a former White House physician, said on Fox Business' "Mornings With Maria."

Harris told CNN Sunday she'll be calling on allies in the United Nations to help with the border crisis and blamed part of the issues on former President Donald Trump.

She also said the Trump administration brought efforts to solve the "root problems" of the border situation to a "standstill" and that her meeting next month with Mexican President Andrews Manuel Lopez Obrador will be part of an effort to "rebuild" in the region.

"I spoke before about (Dr. Anthony) Fauci's responsibility to get down there on the public health issues," Johnson told show anchor Maria Bartiromo. "Kamala Harris is supposed to be the czar down there. Nobody wants to touch it. It's because it's a disaster down there. They don't want to be responsible for it."

Blaming Trump is also "laughable," said Jackson.

"It's ridiculous," he said. "I was there at the beginning of the Trump administration when we were working under the Obama era rules, and there was a disaster down there at the time."

But then-President Donald Trump "put everything in place to stop it," said Jackson. "If they want to follow the science and data, look at the numbers, Trump put a stop to this with his policies, the policies that they immediately undid."

Shortly after President Joe Biden took office, he dismantled the remain in Mexico policy on asylum seekers, the Title 42 authority to keep migrants out during a time of public health emergency, and the negotiations Trump put in place with the Northern Triangle countries of El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras, Jackson added.

"They have done everything they can do to undo what Trump did to stop this crisis when he took office," he said. "Now this is what we have."

The new influx of immigrants will also prove to be a "huge tax economically" on the United States. "We're on track for over 2 million (migrants) this year," said Jackson. "They're going to consume our resources when it comes to education, healthcare, welfare, so it's going to be an economic burden. In addition to that, the healthcare concerns out there, I heard Kamala Harris talking yesterday saying that she hasn't been down to negotiate yet because she's worried about some of the coronavirus stuff. Yet they're letting 170,000 a month come across that are documented, 25% of these people have been documented as COVID positive crossing our border."

Meanwhile, Jackson said he thinks it's good that the pause has been lifted on the Johnson & Johnson one-shot coronavirus vaccine, which was put on hold because of a rare blood clotting concern.

"I think there were 12 people out of 8 million that had this horrible clotting issue in their brain," he said. "They did the right thing, they paused it, looked at it, reassessed it … I just think it's good that J&J is back on the market but if I were in the category of a woman who was younger than 50 maybe I would get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine instead. That's part of the Warp Speed program that President Trump put in place."

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