Rep. Scalise to Newsmax: Proposed ‘COMPETES’ Bill ‘A Gift to China’ Thanks to Pelosi

Rep. Scalise to Newsmax: Proposed 'COMPETES' Bill 'A Gift to China' Thanks to Pelosi (Newsmax/"Spicer & Co.")

By Charles Kim | Tuesday, 01 February 2022 08:25 PM

House Minority Whip, Rep. Steve Scalise, R- La., told Newsmax Tuesday that the proposed America COMPETES Act of 2022, which is supposed to make the United States more competitive around the world, has been changed into a “gift to China” by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif.

“This is unbelievable. It's a gift to China,” Scalise said during “Spicer & Co.” Tuesday. “This is not what Americans want. They want us to get inflation under control. They want us to stand up to China. Find out about the origins of COVID, things like that, you know, secure our border. (Democrats are) not doing anything like that.”

The bill, according to Pelosi, is “a bold legislative package that makes transformational new investments in research, innovation and American manufacturing that will ensure that America can out-compete any nation in the world, now and for decades to come.”

It includes $52 billion to incentivize private-sector investments in semi-conductor technologies to make America the leader in manufacturing that will help the supply chain avoid disruptions by making sure the chips are made in the U.S., another $45 billion to improve the supply chain by ensuring essential goods are made domestically to prevent shortages, among other items.

President Joe Biden said in a Jan. 25 statement that the bill was “an important step forward today in advancing legislation that will make our supply chains stronger and reinvigorate the innovation engine of our economy to out-compete China and the rest of the world for decades to come.”

“The proposals laid out by the House and Senate represent the sort of transformational investments in our industrial base and research and development that helped power the United States to lead the global economy in the 20th century and expand opportunity for middle class families,” his statement read. “They’ll help bring manufacturing jobs back to the United States, and they’re squarely focused on easing the sort of supply chain bottlenecks like semiconductors that have led to higher prices for the middle class.”

Scalise, however, said that Pelosi and the Democrats changed many things in the bill, which initially had bipartisan support, and now includes items that were included in the failed Build Back Better budget reconciliation bill, as well as lots of money going to China.

“They give money to China in this bill, there's a slush fund they're creating,” he said. “Elements of that slush fund have already given over $100 million of taxpayer money from America to China. They doubled down on that and give even more money to China.”

Scalise said Republicans in Congress were working on the legislation until Pelosi got involved and shifted the bill left.

“This was a bipartisan bill months ago,” he said. “And then just in the last few weeks, Speaker Pelosi shifted far to the socialist left, you know, bowing to China, and made it a hyper-partisan bill.”

Scalise said that the bill is likely not going to pass in the evenly divided Senate because Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., said he cannot support the elements they are trying to sneak through from the Build Back Better legislation.

“They put elements of Build Back Better in this bill, so they're going backdoor, knowing it's not even going to fly through the Senate because people like Joe Manchin don't want this stuff, but they can't help appeasing their radical left base,” he said. “That's all Joe Biden has done in his first year in office is catered to the most radical far left big government socialists that are in his base, instead of working with Republicans to get the economy back on track, to get the border secure, to handle the real problems, like lowering gas prices, that we could do tomorrow.”

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