Rep. Scott Perry to Newsmax: House Freedom Caucus Is ‘Conscience’ of GOP

Rep. Scott Perry to Newsmax: House Freedom Caucus Is 'Conscience' of GOP (Newsmax's "Stinchfield")

By Charles Kim | Wednesday, 17 November 2021 10:26 PM

The newly elected House Freedom Caucus chairman told Newsmax on Wednesday the group of 40 GOP members acts as the "conscience" of House Republicans."

The Freedom Caucus is the conscience of the Republican conference, and in Congress," Rep. Scott Perry, R-Pa., told Wednesday's "Stinchfield." "It's difficult oftentimes, or at least it seems so, for members to do in Washington what they said they were going to do when they were back home.

"The Freedom Caucus is full of people that do exactly what they said they were going to do, and that makes us the conscience. It's really not that difficult."

Perry said some GOP House members, like the 13 that voted for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, do not stand up to the Democrats when it counts.

"There are many of my colleagues that, when it comes down to crunch time, their backs kind of throw up like wet spaghetti, and they don't want to (oppose the Democrats)," he said. "And that's one of the reasons we exist, not only to let them know that β€˜yes you can keep your word,’ but to speak for the untold millions of Americans that feel like Washington has left them behind."

Perry said the group is by invitation only because it wants members to keep their word to constituents about what they say they will do once they are elected.

"We're always willing to entertain anybody that wants to join," he said. "It's by invitation only because we don't want folks to come in that say one thing and do another. We want folks to come in and stand on principles and do what they can to save the republic."

As far as the 13 GOP members that helped Democrats pass the infrastructure bill, Perry said he understands representing their individual districts, but feels it is only helping the Democrats adopt a socialist agenda.

"We don't question other members motives," he said. "They have to represent their districts. We get that, but it's really hard to understand why Republicans would support a socialist agenda and that infrastructure package."

Perry said the package, signed into law by President Joe Biden in front of the White House on Monday, is spending the "vast" amount of the money on items that have nothing to do with infrastructure like roads or bridges.

"The vast majority of [the package is] not having anything to do with infrastructure," he said. "All of us think that infrastructure is constitutional and think that right money needs to be spent on the right things.

"But don't call it infrastructure when it's healthcare, and that's what they've done, and we can't allow them to get away with it."

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