Rep. Sessions to Newsmax TV: Dems Using Govt Levers to Change US in Their Image

Rep. Sessions to Newsmax TV: Dems Using Govt Levers to Change US in Their Image (Newsmax TV/"Spicer & Co.")

By Jim Thomas | Thursday, 29 April 2021 09:08 PM

Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas, said Thursday during an appearance on Newsmax TV’s ''Spicer & Co.'' that the Democrats' biggest message is still ''their 100 day plan — and that is to completely do away with Article 1, Article 2, and Article 3'' of the U.S. Constitution — ''to do away with federalism,'' he said.

''They're using the instruments of government of the House and in the Senate to spend 6 trillion more dollars, to add DC as the 51st state, on and on and on about an agenda to wipe out constitutional government in the United States of America,'' he cautioned.

''We are seeing where they are trying to build a plan … that will replace any industry, any corporation, any employer that is in any town in America, they will replace free enterprise with this government,'' he added.

The Democrats will make sure that the U.S. Supreme Court gets enough liberal members on it, Sessions said. ''They will stack the Court to make sure that one party rule takes care of everything, so we don't need a free enterprise system anymore.''

This is where the Democrats are headed, Sessions added.

''This is to completely change the definition of not only constitutionality, but really the way America has worked, the greatest economic system in the history of the world, the most successful system in the world, and they are going to use the levers of government to make sure this is changed," he warned.

President Joe Biden is pushing his Build Back Better agenda with the American Jobs Plan which is said to focus on upgrading and repairing America's physical infrastructure, investing in manufacturing, research and development, and expanding long-term healthcare services, according to the White House’s press release.

Sessions is also concerned about what is happening at the southern border, especially the lack of control over it. He said that he believes the Biden administration’s failure to act is deliberate.

Vice President Kamala Harris’s continued inaction relative to the border crisis is just a part of the Democrats' plan, according to Sessions.

It’s the old ''arsonist who turns out to be the firefighter trick," he said.

"In this scenario they're setting up, the arsonist that torches the place, that makes the problem, that creates a scenario and a situation that is chaotic — it goes beyond the ideas of reality and then she [Harris] will show up and be the answer … this exactly [is] what they are trying to do,'' he explained.

Keep in mind, however, that in the meantime, ''any nation that does not control its borders, loses its sovereignty,'' he declared.

When the dust settles, who will be the winners? he asked.

''We look at $400 billion that's already been given to blue cities, blue states. They will make sure they reward people,'' Sessions said. ''So, the thing that we're headed to next, you know this, I know this, is whether we're going to sign up to want to be part of this $6 trillion.

''If you don't sign up for anything the money will simply go to the blue states and they will get the $6 trillion,'' he added.

The GOP must stop this as best they can, Sessions concluded.

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