Rep. Stewart to Newsmax: Utah Governor’s Transgender Bill Veto a ‘Mistake’

Rep. Stewart to Newsmax: Utah Governor's Transgender Bill Veto a 'Mistake' (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 07 April 2022 12:37 PM

Utah Gov. Spencer Cox made a mistake when he vetoed a state law banning transgender athletes from competing in girls' sports, and the legislature's decision to override his veto was the correct thing to do as they were following the "will of the people" Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, said on Newsmax Thursday.

"Utah is an embracing place," Stewart told Newsmax's "National Report." "We do care about people. But I also don't think we're willing to destroy women's sports in order to advance transgendered sports, and I think he can do both."

In late March, the state's lawmakers voted to override Cox's veto on the ban, which had gotten support from a majority of state lawmakers. Initially, the vote fell short of the two-thirds of people needed to override, but its sponsors were eventually able to flip 10 House Republicans and five in the Senate to override Cox's action, reports NPR.

"The governor is a friend of mine," said Stewart of Utah's GOP leader. "I don't want to criticize him, but I think it was a mistake to veto it, and I'm grateful the legislature was able to override it as we look ahead to the midterm elections."

Americans, he added, care about inflation and fairness, but they also care about their children and don't want them to be indoctrinated in school, including when they're just 4 or 5 years old.

"Many times, our Democratic colleagues say, well, you guys are stirring up the culture war. You're the ones initiating this," said Stewart. "No, we're not. We're just responding to their initiatives as they try to go down this path, and I think pressing to defend these ideas in his principles is exactly what the American people expect, and they're going to reward Republicans when it comes to the ballot box in 2020."

He added that he "can't imagine being a Democrat and defending nearly any one of their policies, whether it's teaching CRT [critical race theory] in schools, upholding the rule of law, whether supporting our men and women and both, or whether it's destroying women's sports to the benefit of another group as if you can't do both."

Stewart also on Thursday called plans to lift the Title 42 restrictions at the nation's border "absurd."

"How in the world can any Democrat go to the southern border or just look at the repercussions throughout our nation?" he said. "How could they possibly say Yeah, it's OK for 2.2 million people to cross the border illegally last year and probably closer to 2.5 million this year, including hundreds of thousands almost immediately after they received this Title 42 policy. A nation that loses its sovereignty loses its future."

He said he doesn't understand why it is "contentious" to protect the United States from illegal immigration.

"We shouldn't lose our sovereignty," he said. "We shouldn't just open up our nation to virtually anyone who wants to come here. They're not coming just from Mexico or El Salvador, or Guatemala. They're coming from Africa. They're coming from Europe. They're coming from the Middle East, coming from China. Many of these individuals are clearly a national security threat to us. How can that be a good idea?"

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