Rep. Swalwell Stays Mum About Chinese Spy

Rep. Swalwell Stays Mum About Chinese Spy eric swalwell listens with his hands to his mouth Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., in 2017. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call via AP Images)

By Charlie McCarthy | Thursday, 17 December 2020 06:09 PM

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., refused to answer questions about his past relationship with a Chinese spy on Thursday.

While walking home with snow on the ground, Swalwell ignored questions from a Fox News Network reporter outside the Congressman's residence.

On Dec. 8, Axios reported a Chinese national named Fang Fang (aka Christine Fang) had ties to a number of political figures including Swalwell and had sexual interactions with at least two Midwestern mayors.

Swalwell's office gave a statement to Axios, but it and the Congressman have remained silent about the controversy since.

"Rep. Swalwell, long ago, provided information about this person — whom he met more than eight years ago, and whom he hasn’t seen in nearly six years — to the FBI," Swalwell's office told Axios. They added that Swalwell "will not participate" in the story out of concerns about possible classified information.

Politicians from San Francisco's Bay Area were of interest to Fang, who reportedly took part in Swalwell's 2014 reelection campaign. He initially was elected to the House in 2012.

Axios reported Fang and Swalwell had been linked since his days as a Dublin City, Calif. council member. According to the report, she had helped raise money for his 2014 campaign and placed at least one intern in his office.

Investigators reportedly gave Swalwell a defensive briefing in 2015, and he cut ties with Fang soon after.

On "Fox & Friends," Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., said Swalwell needs to comment on the story.

"Eric Swalwell says he's a victim in all of this. If that's the case what he should do is come forward and have a no-holds-barred press conference and explain exactly what his relationship with this Chinese spy was," Cotton said.

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