Rep. Tenney to Newsmax: Americans Seeing Through ‘Swamp’ Politicians, Jan. 6 Hearings

Rep. Tenney to Newsmax: Americans Seeing Through 'Swamp' Politicians, Jan. 6 Hearings (Newsmax/"Rob Schmitt Tonight")

By Jay Clemons | Thursday, 16 June 2022 09:51 PM

Rep. Claudia Tenney, R-N.Y., has one vivid memory from her first congressional term (2017-19), when she and then-Congressman Ron DeSantis wrote a letter to U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions regarding alleged improprieties within James Comey's FBI.

The way Tenney told it to Newsmax Thursday, she and DeSantis — now the governor of Florida — seemingly had their proverbial ducks in a row with legal cases against the FBI's Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, along with powerful Democratic principals such as former Attorney General Loretta Lynch and former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

"We said [back then], 'Go ahead. Go at them. We've already done the homework. Get it done. Get them prosecuted' … and nothing happened," recalled Tenney, while appearing as a guest on "Rob Schmitt Tonight."

Tenney learned a disheartening lesson around that time and revealed it to Newsmax: "With so many people in the 'swamp,' we just can't get rid of them."

The "swamp" is a term that references political leaders, or bureaucrats — from both sides of the aisle — who seemingly work against the wishes of the American public but pretend to do otherwise.

During his time in the White House, former President Donald Trump made many mentions of "draining the swamp," as a means of rooting out corruption within the executive and legislative branches of American government.

Said Tenney: "I think [the swamp] had already been that way" before Trump entered the White House in 2017. But he ended up "exposing them in his own unorthodox style, and his willingness to just stand up to these people."

While Tenney acknowledged the residual power of "swamp" politicians, she's optimistic in the Republicans' midterm-election progress for both the House and Senate chambers.

From Tenney's perspective, slowly, but steadily removing "swamp" individuals from power through electoral victories runs similarly to the American public's waning interest in the House select committee hearings for the Jan. 6, 2021 unrest at the Capitol — despite the Democrats reportedly sinking $8 million into that made-for-TV production.

"The American people know when they see something that's not fair, and not right," said Tenney, who's up for reelection this November.

She added: "They're seeing this pre-determined outcome, with this very expensive show trial that's going on, filled with propaganda. All one-sided. Selective testimony. Carefully put together … the American people just don't like the unfairness. They see it."


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