Rep. Tenney to Newsmax: Biden’s COVID Address Raises Competency Concerns

Rep. Tenney to Newsmax: Biden's COVID Address Raises Competency Concerns (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 22 December 2021 11:19 AM

Rep. Claudia Tenney, while panning President Joe Biden's national address on the latest steps being taken against the pandemic and the omicron variant of the coronavirus, told Newsmax Wednesday that what stood out to her from his speech most is that he is not capable of being president.

"I don't think he's cognitively able to be the president of the United States," the New York Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "He kept saying, 'Oh, they don't want me out here, I shouldn't be having this press conference.' Why not? You're the president. You need to be transparent. You need to be expressing what's going on and explaining your policy."

The congresswoman also criticized the announcement that the government is providing 500 million home test kits.

"They're pushing these home test kits and so you're basically on your own," she said. "So what if you end up testing positive at home and you want to go to work? Are you going to be fine for going to work? How do you manage this?"

Further, Tenney pointed out that the new omicron coronavirus variant, which has rapidly grown to be the most prevalent cause of COVID infections in the nation, is "not as severe, which many scientists will tell you. That's what happens with variants and viruses. They tend to sometimes lose their severeness as time goes on, but here we are going back to lockdowns, mask mandates, vaccine mandates."

Instead, she pointed to Florida, where "they're focusing their efforts and their resources on the most vulnerable people in their communities. They have a higher population than New York. They also have a more vulnerable population than New York, and yet they have a lower contraction rate, lower death rates, and lower hospitalization because they've done the smart thing."

Tenney also blasted Democrats for blaming former President Donald Trump for any ongoing issues with the pandemic.

"It was President Biden over the past several months who has not invested in testing, something we could have done all year," she said.

Meanwhile, Tenney spoke about the ongoing border situation, and said that it is a major concern people are coming into the country "with all kinds of diseases" but there are no resources to test them.

"They have to quarantine people who have major diseases that we've already eradicated in this country," she said. "We also have people on the terror watch list coming across the border, including a guy that was originally from Saudi Arabia with ties to Yemen, who was wearing an Oneida County volunteer ambulance corps patch, which is my home county of upstate New York, impersonating an ambulance worker."

But such people are coming across the border and the Biden administration "refuses to do anything," said Tenney. "This big infrastructure bill that came through had zero funding for the wall."

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