Rep. Tom Tiffany to Newsmax: No Surprise Afghan Refugees Aren’t Vetted

Rep. Tom Tiffany to Newsmax: No Surprise Afghan Refugees Aren't Vetted (Newmax's "Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Thursday, 09 September 2021 11:47 AM

It should not come as a surprise Afghan evacuees are being brought into the United States without being properly vetted, or that how many are being brought in is not known, Rep. Tom Tiffany, R-Wis., a state where thousands are being brought, said on Newsmax.

"If anyone has been observing what's going on in our southern border this year and now with this rushed evacuation out of Afghanistan, is anybody surprised this is not being done properly?" Tiffany told Thursday's "Wake Up America."

Immigrants are being brought into Fort McCoy, Wisconsin, among other bases across the country, and Tiffany said many frightening stories are coming out.

"We're hearing of communicable diseases that are at Fort McCoy," Tiffany said. "You had a guy that had blasting caps on himself leaving Ramstein Air Base a couple of days ago. I mean, this is an unfettered debacle that is going on, and the American people really need to rise up at this point."

He added, everyone coming out of Afghanistan should be vetted in a safe third country and go through the special immigrant visa process there, rather than being sent to the United States.

Meanwhile, the Taliban has reportedly agreed to allow up to 200 Americans and Afghan allies to leave through the airport in Kabul, and Tiffany said in response that nobody would have thought the United States would "capitulate" to the Taliban.

"When you talk to Afghan vets at this point, they are simply despondent with situations like this, where we left people behind," TIffany said. "Our military members would never leave one of their troops behind. Then, when you have the billions of dollars of hardware, military hardware that has been left behind that the Taliban are parading up and down streets, they are just despondent about that. It once again shows the complete failure of the Biden administration."

Tiffany said it is a "scary premise" to argue the United States is encouraging terrorism by leaving the weapons behind, but he said the country is "fostering human trafficking" because of both the situation on the nation's southern border.

"You see girls that are being sent over [from Afghanistan] as child brides with men," Tiffany said. "It is horrible that our government is advocating for the spoils of war."

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