Rep. Van Drew to Newsmax: Mayorkas Lying With ‘Good Job’ Comments

Rep. Van Drew to Newsmax: Mayorkas Lying With 'Good Job' Comments Jeff Van Drew Rep. Jeff Van Drew, R-N.J. (Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 04 July 2022 03:30 PM EDT

Rep. Jeff Van Drew Monday on Newsmax lambasted Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for insisting over the weekend that the Biden administration is "doing a good job" on the border when the situation there is so dire.

"My take is Mayorkas is a jackass and he also doesn't tell the truth," the New Jersey Republican said on Newsmax's "American Agenda," when asked to comment. "He also doesn't tell the truth. I hope I'm being clear. I have very little use for him."

Van Drew said he's asked Mayorkas several questions during House Homeland Security Committee meetings, and "he looks at you, dead-on, straight in the face, and tells you there are no problems, that everything is going quite well."

But, it's not going quite well, said Van Drew.

"People are bringing diseases into this country," he said. "People that are on the terror watch list are being caught. The worst part of it is some of them aren't being caught. We're paying for the illegals. We're paying for their legal care. We're paying for their sustenance. We're paying for their residences. We are paying for their transportation and we're transporting them all over the country."

And then, the immigrants are suffering as well, said Van Drew.

"There are tons of horrible things going on, like rape, and all kinds of terror, and when I say rape, I mean that these illegals are raping their own women and their own people as they cross the border," said Van Drew.

With the drug cartels being involved, the number of deaths from fentanyl overdoses in the United States is climbing as well, the congressman said.

"That is due to Secretary Mayorkas and his plans and the way that he's dealt with this issue, as well as the president's and the majority in Congress," he said. "They should be ashamed of themselves, what they've done to this country. This isn't complicated. Close the border."

Van Drew also commented on former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson's statements on Sunday on NBC's "Meet the Press" that he does not know if President Joe Biden has made up his mind about running for reelection, but if he is not going to run, he should announce that before the midterm elections.

"This is no surprise," Van Drew told Newsmax. "They knew in the last election, they were going to have a tough time against Donald Trump, so they wanted to pretend that they were going to take a moderate stance as a Congress and as a president, and as a Senate, and they actually put him up to run. They know also knew he would listen to anybody. He's an empty vessel. He does what he is told to do. There's nothing middle of the road about him."

With Biden's numbers dropping, Democrats are, afraid and "they want to parachute him out as quickly as they can, even before the midterms, to show people it's not the direction they're going to continue to take," said the congressman.

But, he added, that would be a lie.

"They're going to continue to take the direction whoever they put up, whether it's Biden again or whether it's somebody else," he said. "It's going to go to the far extreme left of where they are, and they're not going to mend their ways and they're going to take this country down. So this is just trying to save their own hide. I don't think it's going to work."


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