Rep. Walberg to Newsmax: School Shooting Reflects Society’s ‘Moral Unpinning’

Rep. Walberg to Newsmax: School Shooting Reflects Society's 'Moral Unpinning' (Newsmax/"National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 01 December 2021 02:02 PM

It is "no wonder things happen" such as Tuesday's school shooting in Michigan when the "moral unpinning" of society occurs, Rep. Tim Walberg told Newsmax Wednesday, while drawing a comparison to the Supreme Court arguments underway that could potentially end with the repeal of the Roe v. Wade abortion decision.

"It's important even as we're thinking about the sanctity of life across the street from my office this morning," the Michigan Republican said on Newsmax's "National Report." "When you delete the fact that we are image-bearers designed by a creator for special purposes, and we remove that moral underpinning, no wonder things happen."

Four students from Oxford High School, located in a community of about 22,000 people roughly 30 miles north of Detroit are dead after a 15-year-old student opened fire Tuesday.

"We don't know too much about it yet; we've heard reports of bullying and those type of things," said Walberg. "It's a tragedy that we have to gain control of … my prayers are certainly with them, and we look forward to hearing more information on it."

But still, "doing things in the future that elevate the sanctity of life" and allowing people to have a "moral underpinning" unites them, said Walberg.

Meanwhile, the lawmaker said he hopes that the arguments in the Supreme Court discuss more than the viability of a fetus, but instead, "that a human being has been formed, either by choice or by accident. Nonetheless, that little human life isn't the enemy, but rather as a gift that ought to be assisted to bring to full term and then find ways of dealing with the woman and with the man involved in the situation."

This, he said, would "promote a compassionate society that says all life is sacred. We ought to promote that and find ways to assist people to make good decisions for the future."

Walberg also spoke about the growth of inflation, and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's comments that inflation will linger well into 2022.

"Surprise surprise, Jerome Powell finally understands or at least gives some evidence of what has been happening is going to continue," said Walberg, "When you do the wrong things, when you expand huge amounts of taxpayer dollars, throwing it into the system without really even purpose in mind or any priorities, what do you expect?"

There is nothing that the Biden administration is doing that will alleviate the situation, he added.

"[This administration] continues to think that just spending more money without any priorities put in place will bring about a better result than we have right now," he said.

"They think that history does not repeat itself when you do the wrong thing over and over again."

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