Rep. Waltz to Newsmax: Americans Aren’t Buying Jan. 6 Panel’s Narrative

Rep. Waltz to Newsmax: Americans Aren't Buying Jan. 6 Panel's Narrative Mike Waltz Rep. Mike Waltz, R-Fla. (Getty)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 10 June 2022 11:23 AM

Americans aren't buying into the Jan. 6 committee's narrative that former President Donald Trump's White House launched a "grand conspiracy" to overthrow the government to occupy the Capitol, and the Democrats' effort to build that case will fall flat Rep. Mike Waltz said on Newsmax Friday.

And what's more, the Florida Republican told Newsmax's "Wake Up America," most don't consider the attacks that stunned the nation in early 2021 a priority, now that they're dealing with immediate issues that are affecting them more directly.

"Don't take it from me; just take it from the data that we're seeing out there and the most recent polling, and these are relatively mainstream media polls," Waltz said. "They are showing that it is inflation, it's the economy, it's crime … the latest poll that I've seen is showing that 4-5% of Americans put what happened on Jan. 6 as a priority."

The other issues, though, affect Americans' families and the ability to live the American dream, he added.

People are also seeing through the hearings, as they are "clearly staged" and geared toward creating a media spectacle rather than getting to the bottom of what happened, said Waltz.

"The American people are a lot smarter than politicians in D.C. give them credit for," he said.

In other matters, the congressman commented on the impending worldwide shortage of grain and food taking place while Russian ships are blocking Ukraine's efforts and questioned why President Joe Biden's White House is not taking action.

"A lot of people are asking, and I think, rightly, you know, How does this affect us back home?" said Waltz. "We've already seen food prices going through the roof … a lot of that is because of Biden's failed energy policies that are underscoring that, and inflation."

However, he said he does not think there is a "full appreciation" of the impact that the loss of the Ukrainian crop will cause worldwide.

"It's not just the wheat," he said. "It's the corn, which provides the basis for feeding livestock around the world. It's a huge percentage of the world's fertilizer. Ukraine was a breadbasket. It was one of the key breadbaskets to the world, and all of that is locked up in Ukraine's ports right now. It's spoiling.

"It's going bad, and the next year's crop is about to harvest and then that will affect the year after that when they have no place to store it, no place to ship it out."

Waltz said the United States should discuss a humanitarian corridor that would allow ships to pass through the Black Sea.

"I just cannot see the Russian navy starting to sink humanitarian ships that are full of supplies," he said, pointing out that Russia also needs the Ukrainian exports.

But the White House can't ignore the problem like it has others, such as inflation or the baby formula shortage, said Waltz.

"I've talked to officials in Israel and officials across the Middle East in Europe," he said. "They are down to a couple of weeks' supply in terms of their warehouses and their food supply. This is going to turn into a global crisis over the next month, and I'm seeing zero, zip, nothing, from this White House in terms of how to deal with it."

But with Biden, the administration doesn't act until something is a "full-blown crisis" or Congress forces a decision, said Waltz.

"I think they will eventually be forced to deal with it when we see on our television screens not just the poor countries in Africa, but some of the more developed countries," he added. "It will hit us here at home."


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