Rep. Waltz to Newsmax TV: China Engaged in ‘Cold War of Influence’

Rep. Waltz to Newsmax TV: China Engaged in 'Cold War of Influence' (Newsmax TV/"Spicer & Co.")

By Brian Trusdell | Wednesday, 07 April 2021 07:41 PM

Rep. Michael Waltz of Florida said China is engaged in “in a Cold War of influence” and decried U.S. corporations willing to overlook what the U.S. State Department has called a genocide of Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang province to be sponsors of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

The second-term Republican who represents Florida’s 6th Congressional District northeast of Orlando, Waltz made his remarks on Newsmax TV on Wednesday following White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki’s denial that the Biden administration was considering a boycott of next year’s Winter Games.

That denial contradicted statements by State Department Ned Price who said the boycott was under consideration.

“You know at the end of the day, how can we give the Chinese Communist Party this global platform to whitewash everything that they've done to further their propaganda?” Waltz said on "Spicer & Co." “And these woke corporations like NBC, Nike, Coca Cola, Major League Baseball as the sponsors are going to make millions.

“They want a boycott and call Georgia racist, but yet they'll make millions on the back of an ongoing genocide. One hundred eighty human rights organizations, 180,…have called for the [boycott.]”

Waltz referred to the comments by several major companies such as Coca-Cola and Delta and Major League Baseball’s revocation of its annual exhibition All-Star Game from Truist Park in the Atlanta suburb of Cumberland, Georgia, over the enactment of new election laws that required, among other things, voter identification, calling them racist.

Citing several examples, most notably how the National Basketball Association chastised Houston Rockets General Manager Daryl Morey for a Twitter post in support of Hong Kong protesters in 2019 after China complained, he suggested that corporations are all too willing to succumb to the communist nation’s will.

“It's sports. It's Hollywood. It's our politics,” Waltz said. “It's our universities. America needs to wake up to the fact that the Chinese Communist Party is in a Cold War influence. And they're stealing our IT left and right. And they openly talk about replacing the American dream with the China dream, which is authoritarian and antithetical to our values.

“It's the opposite where we were able to do to the Soviets with soft power with American music with American fashion with American culture. China is trying to do the same thing to us.”

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