Report: House GOP Planning Hunter Biden Subpoena With 2022 Majority Win

Report: House GOP Planning Hunter Biden Subpoena With 2022 Majority Win Report: House GOP Planning Hunter Biden Subpoena With 2022 Majority Win Hunter Biden (AP)

By Charles Kim | Saturday, 26 March 2022 03:03 PM

President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, may be issued a subpoena by House Republicans if that party takes back the majority in November.

House GOP conference chair Rep. Elise Stefanik, R-N.Y., told the New York Post in an interview published Saturday that GOP members will subpoena Hunter Biden to answer questions about his infamous laptop, including the identity of “the big guy” referenced in emails.

“We will subpoena Hunter Biden,” she told the Post, adding that it is concerning how the media handled reporting about the laptop, and its contents, even censoring the Post for breaking the story in October 2020 ahead of the presidential election. “It should concern every American that they did this for the Biden family’s financial gain, which came at the cost of our national security.”

Left abandoned at a Wilmington, Delaware, computer repair shop, the device contained potentially damaging evidence against the first son, and possibly President Biden himself, regarding a myriad of foreign deals and payouts.

The possible trove of emails, texts, legal documents and photos were initially dismissed as Russian disinformation, and a New York Post story at the time was blocked from Twitter and Facebook.

A recent New York Times story regarding an ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial and tax affairs, however, authenticated the laptop as his property and confirmed the contents of the device as belonging to him.

One of the emails said that a percentage of the proceeds from one deal had to be held by Hunter for “the big guy” leading to speculation that it refers to then Vice President Joe Biden.

“That’s one of the critical questions — perhaps the most critical question,” Stefanik told the Post. “The American people absolutely deserve answers. There is no greater ethical concern or frankly conspiracy … whether this president is compromised because of his illegal ties to his family members.”

A criminal defense attorney told the Post that even if Republicans get Hunter Biden in front of a Congressional investigation, it is likely he would plead the Fifth Amendment of the Constitution against self-incrimination and remain mute on the subject.

“If there is any chance our client has any civil or criminal liability, we will always advise that client to exercise their 5th amendment rights,” Barry Covert, a criminal defense attorney and vice president of First Amendment Lawyers Association, told The Post. “I would be telling Hunter to do your father a favor and not comment on this.”

Despite the likelihood of the younger Biden’s silence during the investigation, Stefanik told the Post that whatever committee holds the hearings, they would keep issuing relevant subpoenas until it got the answers to its questions.

“Make no mistake, the subpoenas will rain down if they do not turn over documents and answers our questions,” she said in the Post story.