Report: Laptop Emails Point to Hunter Biden Using Dad Joe to Promote Friends

Report: Laptop Emails Point to Hunter Biden Using Dad Joe to Promote Friends Report: Laptop Emails Point to Hunter Biden Using Dad Joe to Promote Friends U.S. President Joe Biden. (Chip Somodevilla/Getty)

By Charles Kim | Saturday, 09 April 2022 06:26 PM

Emails on Hunter Biden’s laptop show he used his pull with his father to try and get his friends either employed or promoted while his dad was the sitting vice president.

The New York Post reported Saturday that emails retrieved from Hunter Biden’s laptop include attempts to get his dad to help get his friends promoted or employed in 2010 and 2014, including a recommendation for a judicial appointment and getting one man on the vice president’s staff.

According to the report, Superior Court of the District of Columbia Associate Judge John Mott exchanged emails with Hunter Biden in the spring of 2010, asking for a recommendation to the federal bench.

"I appreciate your help," the Post reported Mott told Hunter Biden in a March 9, 2010, email after the two spoke by phone. Mott asked Hunter to press his case to then Vice President Biden’s chief of staff Ron Klain. "I know that it is a lot to ask for Ron to put in a good word for me when he doesn’t know me and hears about me from you out of the blue, but I’m hoping that he appreciates my background and support and decides to help."

Hunter Biden responded by email on May 20, 2010, telling Mott that Klain had "not been very forthcoming" on the request.

"I have made my feelings clear and if there is anything I learn I will pass it on," the younger Biden’s email said.

Mott told the Post in a statement that he did not remember the email exchange, and that he never got the job.

"After I had been recommended (along with two or three other people) for a position on the District Court in 2010, I talked with Hunter Biden at a neighborhood social event," Mott’s statement said. "I am not sure what effort, if any, he ever made on my behalf, but I do know that I was not appointed to the District Court. I continued to serve on the DC Superior Court until 2019, and I remain on the Superior Court on senior status. I have had no contact with Hunter Biden since that time about 12 years ago."

Mott was appointed to the court in 2000 by former President Bill Clinton, according to the website.

He has since retired from the bench and joined JAMS, the largest provider of alternative dispute resolution, in October 2018, according to the organization.

In 2014, Hunter Biden referred John McGrail to his father for a position in the Treasury Department where McGrail was working as senior counsel, the Post reported.

"Before you fill position pls talk to me — [John] McGrail very much wants to serve as detail fr [sic] treasury," the Post reported an email from Hunter to his father said on June 24, 2014.

"Re Johnny call me right away, Dad," thee Post reported then Vice President Joe Biden responding less than an hour later.

According to the Post, McGrail was appointed as deputy counsel to the vice president, and then later elevated to counsel, the Post reported.

According to his LinkedIn profile, McGrail served in the vice president’s office from August 2014 through January 2021 before returning as a senior counsel at treasury until January 2021 and was then elevated to counselor to the undersecretary for domestic finance.

McGrail did not respond to the Post’s request for comment.

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