Retired Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt to Newsmax: Russia ‘Exacting Terror’ on Ukrainians

Retired Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt to Newsmax: Russia 'Exacting Terror' on Ukrainians Blaine Holt Ret. Gen. Blaine Holt. (Newsmax)

By Charles Kim | Tuesday, 12 April 2022 10:06 AM

Retired U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Blaine Holt told Newsmax Tuesday that the Russian troops are "exacting terror" on Ukrainians to "subjugate" them by reportedly seizing their children and taking them back to Russia and adopting them out.

"This is exacting terror, absolute, abject terror on the people to subjugate them," Blaine said during "Wake Up America" Tuesday. "They understand the emotionality of the children. One child, one child that this happens to, is a horrendous crime."

Ukrainian U.N. Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya told the U.N. Monday that Russian troops took more than 121,000 Ukrainian children, mostly from Mariupol, and sent them to Russia to be adopted into families there, Politico reported Monday.

The news outlet also reported that almost two-thirds of Ukrainian children have fled their homes since Russia invaded the country on Feb. 25.

UNICEF Emergency Program Director Manuel Fontaine told the U.N. Security Council Monday that 4.8 million of the nation's 7.5 million children have been displaced since fighting began 48 days ago.

"They have been forced to leave everything behind — their homes, their schools and, often, their family members," Politico reported he told the U.N. Security Council. "I have heard stories of the desperate steps parents are taking to get their children to safety, and children saddened that they are unable to get back to school."

Fontaine told the council that 2.8 million of the displaced children are still in Ukraine, and 2 million more are in other countries, and the remaining 3.2 million children that are still in their homes "may be at risk of not having enough food."

He said that the agency has not yet been able to verify the report of the 121,000 children taken to Russia.

"We don't have yet the access that we need to have to be able to look and verify and see if we can assist," Politico reported him saying.

Blaine also responded to a report by Ukrainian Parliament member Kira Rudik, who said that some form of gas was released by Russian troops in Mariupol causing them to suffocate.

"The unknown substance was sprayed by #Russians in #Mariupol," she said in a post on Twitter Monday. "It is reported that people are suffocating. The details are coming up."

During a televised interview on Newsmax, she said that it shouldn't matter if people die from chemical agents or gunfire, the West must help Ukraine defends itself.

"I think there's a distinct possibility that a drone delivery or some sort of equivalent got to a small amount of people … we're trying to verify this," Blaine said. "It's extremely important from a world community, legal international crimes area, but Kira's got it exactly right. The atrocities are horrendous to civilians and how you die is immaterial."

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