Rick Scott Refuses Support for Wendy Sherman in State Department

Rick Scott Refuses Support for Wendy Sherman in State Department rick scott in a black suit and red tie Sen. Rick Scott, R-Fla. (Joshua Roberts/Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 18 January 2021 02:57 PM

Sen. Rick Scott said Monday he'll refuse to support Wendy Sherman, one of the key negotiators of the Iran nuclear deal, as President-elect Joe Biden's pick for deputy secretary of state.

"I'm not going to support anybody who supports wanting to get back into the Iran deal," the Florida Republican said on Fox News' "America Reports." "I'm not going to support people who want to appease Communist China or Cuba. These Democrats feel like they can say 'Oh, pretty please? Don't hurt us,' and somehow these dictators and bullies are going to change. They are not going to change."

Biden on Saturday said he will nominate Sherman as deputy secretary of state and Victoria Nuland as undersecretary of state for political affairs. The two, who had served in former President Barack Obama's administration, were among 11 announced to serve under incoming secretary of state Antony Blinken.

"The Iran deal was a disaster," said Scott. "They still target American citizens. It was not good for Israel, it's not good for anybody in the Middle East. What we have to do is stand up for Americans against these dictators around the world, including the ayatollah. He's the only one who wins out of this. His government does."

But instead of focusing on the economy, or schools, "Democrats will go off on this radical left-wing agenda and get nothing done for American citizens. But it'll be good for the ayatollah."

Scott, who now heads the National Republican Congressional Committee, said he sees the next few years as staying focused on the issues.

"We'll see all the problems with the third term of the Obama administration, that's all Biden is doing," said Scott. "Biden wants to raise your taxes, more regulation, he's going to push a liberal agenda that America doesn't want."

Scott said his job chairing the committee is defining that his party cares about Americans, their families and that they can "live the dream" without government interference.

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