RNC Chair McDaniel to Newsmax: High Gas Prices ‘Intentional’ Under Biden

RNC Chair McDaniel to Newsmax: High Gas Prices 'Intentional' Under Biden rnc chairwoman ronna mcdaniel speaks at a summit Ronna McDaniel (Mandel Mgan/AFP via Getty Images)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 13 June 2022 09:42 AM

Americans are having to pay more because of inflation and climbing gas prices at the same time they're making less money, but President Joe Biden "doesn't care," as the problems are "intentional," Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said on Newsmax on Monday.

"He wanted to deplete our energy independence," McDaniel said on Newsmax's "Wake Up America." "He's comfortable being dependent on Venezuela and Saudi Arabia and Russia, but this is part of his plan, and he doesn't care that average Americans are hurting and, boy, are they? I hear it every day. This is really causing a lot of hardship across the country, especially for people on fixed incomes."

Biden, McDaniel said, started his presidency by stopping the construction of the Keystone XL pipeline on his first day in office, and stopped drilling leases on federal lands.

"I was just in North Dakota last week and I talked to their governor, and he said they're producing about 400,000 less barrels a day than they were under President [Donald] Trump," said McDaniel. "On average, we're producing a million less barrels a day than we did under President Trump, and this is the Democrats' plan. This is their Green New Deal. They say, go buy an electric car, fix the way that you travel. They want us to get away from oil and gas. They're doing it by creating this hardship."

The Biden administration is also not doing anything about the influx of people entering the country illegally, said McDaniel.

"He goes to Delaware every weekend, but he can't find time to go to the border and talk to our border agents to hear the concerns, hear about the drugs that are coming across," she said. "We know we have a drug overdose crisis as well. It's really shameful."

Meanwhile, the American people know that the high gas prices, inflation, and the immigration crisis can be fixed, because they were solved under Trump, said McDaniel.

"They know that Biden and his policies are the reason why we're in this situation," she said. "Everything's more expensive right now, and people are hurting and we have a president who is more interested in vacationing in Delaware than actually talking to the people who are suffering."


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