RNC Co-Chair: Bidenflation at New High, Dem Voters Should Take Note

RNC Co-Chair: Bidenflation at New High, Dem Voters Should Take Note RNC Co-Chair: Bidenflation at New High, Dem Voters Should Take Note (C5 Media/Dreamstime.com)

By Tommy Hicks, Jr. RNC Co-Chair | Tuesday, 12 April 2022 03:21 PM

Joe Biden’s disaster presidency keeps getting worse.

It would be impossible to pick an issue he has not grossly mismanaged with unmatched incompetence. But inflation is a crisis Americans are increasingly concerned about.

In March, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) surged by 8.5% from last year, marking a new 40-year high spike.

Everything costs more, from a gallon of gas to a carton of eggs.

Concurrently, real wages of working Americans continue to fall.

Retired folks on a fixed income are in an especially tough spot, with their income simply not able to match inflation's rise.

In some cases it’s so bad they are coming out of retirement, rejoining the labor force.

Remarkably, it’s been 11 months of prices skyrocketing at 5% or higher and the numbers just keep surging upward.

Gallup polling indicates that concern over inflation is accelerating, with the percentage of Americans citing it as the top problem facing the country rising from 8% in January to 10% in February and then 17% in March.

Pair this with a recent CBS News poll showing 92% of voters saying that higher prices have affected them, and virtually no American has been spared.

And Biden can’t blame Putin, as he has tried to. An ABC News poll shows 70% of Americans disapprove of Biden on inflation and 70% disapprove of Biden on gas prices.

In short, Americans know that Biden caused inflation and understand that Republicans can fix it. This could be the key lever that catapults Republicans to victory in November.

Already, people are making themselves heard at every level — from anecdotes to polling to local elections.

Frank Timberlake, who runs a grocery store in rural North Carolina, said: "Inflation is tough right now and I don’t have any choice but increase my prices. If not, I won’t be there."

Indeed, in March the share of U.S. small businesses reporting inflation as their single most important problem was the largest since 1981. Consumer sentiment also fell to a new "decade-long low," with inflation a main contributor.

In the swing state of Pennsylvania, data shows Republicans are registering former Democrat voters at four times the rate that Democrats are registering former Republicans.

Notably, converts interviewed cite inflation among a combination of issues that pushed them to make the party change.

Even in historically deep blue states like California there is a storm brewing, one that could howl loudly, making itself heard in November.

A recent study shows that 35% of of those in The Golden State say price increases have caused them financial hardship. Moreover, only 50% of Californians approve of the job Biden is doing — a shockingly undecided margin that could only hurt Sen. Alex Padilla, D-Calif. With regard to his re-election bid, his approval is underwater.

In reality, what do voters have to lose making the switch to the Republican Party?


And if economic data is any indication — they have a lot to gain.

Month after month, Republican-led states consistently outperform Democrat states in creating jobs and restoring economic prosperity.

At this point, it would be difficult for Biden and Democrats to dig themselves out of their polling hole — because inflation is here to stay under their destructive policies.

While Biden and Democrats’ massive $1.9 trillion stimulus kicked off the inflation spiral Americans are experiencing now, the supply chain crisis has still not been fixed and they want to pass trillions more in spending and taxes that would only worsen inflation.

I urge Americans unhappy with Bidenflation and Biden’s gas hike to leave the failed Democratic Party; join a growing Republican movement across the country to not only fire U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and get inflation under control, but also oust Biden in 2024 and bring the American economy back to greatness.

The 2022 miderm elections this November are beyond crucial.

Thomas "Tommy" O. Hicks Jr. currently serves as the co-chair of the Republican National Committee (RNC). He has also served in the capcity of national finance co-chairman of Donald J. Trump for President, and has served with Donald Trump Jr. on the America First Super PAC.

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