RNC’s Dennard to Newsmax: Dems Make American Dream Look ‘Like a Nightmare’

RNC's Dennard to Newsmax: Dems Make American Dream Look 'Like a Nightmare' paris dennard arrives at an event Paris Dennard (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Thurgood Marshall College Fund)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Monday, 04 July 2022 10:47 AM EDT

Americans who are not recognizing this Fourth of July what their government has become "because they see a Democrat part of it so radical, so out of touch with the mainstream" should remain vigilant and make sure they register to vote, Paris Dennard, director of Black Media Affairs for the Republican National Committee, told Newsmax on Monday.

"Under these Democrats, the American dream is looking more and more like a nightmare because their policies just aren't working," said Dennard on Newsmax's "National Report." "Democrats are trying to essentially undo the many things that our founding fathers put in place, like packing the courts and the unconstitutional discriminatory vaccine mandates that we saw that they put in place."

But with the Supreme Court and its recent rulings, "Luckily we have Republicans and conservatives on the Supreme Court who are standing for life or standing for the Second Amendment, who are standing for faith in the public square, or being allowed to pray on a football field by yourself," Dennard said.

The court took its actions, Dennard added, "because we had conservative justices" thanks to former President Donald Trump.

"My message to Americans is that this too shall pass," said Dennard. "Elections matter. Stay focused on ensuring that we elect conservative Republicans who understand and are willing to fight for the Constitution and in doing so, make sure you register to vote and stay active, not just in the midterm elections but also in the present upcoming presidential election because every single vote matters and every election matters.

"We have to stay vigilant because the Democrats are trying to undo every system that we have seen that is rooted in our founding principles that have made our country great."

Dennard said he believes that the economy will continue to drive the elections this year.

"This Fourth of July is going to be one of the most expensive ones in recent history, and, of course, you know this if you've been preparing for any sort of picnic or barbecue celebration. The average price is up 17% this year for a July 4th cookout."

Meanwhile, Democrats are "trying to give non-citizens the right to vote" in another example of "how they're trying to undo the basic tenants of what our founding fathers put together for our country," said Dennard, but the midterm voters will be focused on "kitchen-table" issues.

Public safety is also important to voters, said Dennard.

"Americans want to be sure that their children are safe," he said. "They want to make sure when they go down the street and go to the park or have that picnic. They don't have to worry about them being shot and killed or mugged, or burglarized [at] their homes while they're doing things."

However, Dennard said he does think Democrats are "in disarray."

"If Democrats want to have a conversation about life or abortion, let's talk about their radical stances as it relates to late-term abortion," said Dennard. "If they want to try to change the laws and codify Roe, they could have done or tried to do that years ago. So now they're just doing it for political reasons."

But the current Democrat party is "radical, progressive and trying to put forth additions for this country that are nothing like our founding fathers envisioned, and nothing like my grandparents envisioned," he said. "It's making it difficult for everyday Americans just survive to live and to thrive and do to do what the founding fathers wanted."


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