RNC’s Dennard to Newsmax: Pelosi’s Taiwan Stop Comes as Biden Acts Weak

RNC's Dennard to Newsmax: Pelosi's Taiwan Stop Comes as Biden Acts Weak Paris Dennard (LM Otero/AP)

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Tuesday, 02 August 2022 01:34 PM EDT

It's good for the United States to "stand united against aggressive aggressors like China" but President Joe Biden has shown "nothing but weakness," Paris Dennard, the Republican National Committee's spokesman and director of Black media affairs said on Newsmax on Tuesday as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was arriving in Taiwan.

"We cannot have our adversaries think that the American people and our American government are weak in any way," Dennard said on Newsmax's "National Report," adding that it's good that "foreign actors know that they cannot mess with the American people."

But with Biden, especially as it relates to standing up to China, there has only been weakness on display, said Dennard.

"I was attending the America First Policy summit, and I heard Speaker Newt Gingrich say that he believes Nancy Pelosi should go to Taiwan," said Dennard. "He was the last speaker of the House to go, back in the 90s, and he thought she should go, but also that she should have a bipartisan coalition go with her so that it sends a clear signal to Taiwan and also to China that the United States is acting in a bipartisan way to support Taiwan."

Dennard also on Tuesday talked about the numerous primary races being held in five states, noting that there are significant races in Arizona and Missouri that are hotly contested

"Because of our wonderful RNC donors and under the leadership of Ronna McDaniel, we've been able to play across the field and have a sustained presence in so many states by having boots on the ground," said Dennard.

"The GOP is excited and motivated and inspired by our candidates to win in November, and so when you look at the primaries tonight, we see tremendous opportunities in races like in Washington for the Senate with Tiffany Smiley and Michigan with John James running for Congress."

The committee believes there are "great opportunities to take back the House, or pickups in the Senate," Dennard added. "We're encouraged by looking at past examples of primaries and the great enthusiasm and turnout. We've had our great indications of what we're going to have in the future and tonight's primaries."

Arizona's gubernatorial race has attracted a great deal of attention because one candidate, Kari Lake, has been endorsed by former President Donald Trump, and the other, Karrin Taylor Robson, has the backing of former Vice President Mike Pence, setting up a proxy competition.

"The RNC doesn't get involved in primaries, and so we're going to leave it up to the good people of Arizona, where I happen to be from, to elect who they want to represent them in this primary," said Dennard.

But the one thing Republicans want, no matter what side they stand on, is to have Republicans win in the November general election, he said.

"This primary process is going to help motivate and activate so many more Republicans to come out to the polls, not just today, but also in November so that we can make sure that we have Republican leadership in places like Arizona," said Dennard. "I think primaries are a good way for us to have a healthy process, but I also believe that ultimately having a Republican will be so much better than having any Democrat."


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