RNC’s Ronna McDaniel to Newsmax: ‘Negligent, Incompetent Administration’

RNC's Ronna McDaniel to Newsmax: 'Negligent, Incompetent Administration' Ronna McDaniel RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel (Getty Images)

By Eric Mack | Thursday, 19 May 2022 01:06 PM

Americans are seeing firsthand that elections have disastrous consequences – including babies, if late-term and partial-birth abortion Democrat advocates even allow them to live – Republican National Committee Chair Ronna McDaniel told Newsmax.

"It is a negligent, incompetent administration that has caused malpractice on the American people, and it has cost lives and livelihoods, and they should absolutely be held accountable," McDaniel told Thursday's "John Bachman Now." "I hope we do that in November in these midterms, when we elect Republicans to take the lead in the House and the Senate."

Echoing the words of former President Donald Trump from a recent Save America rally, the Republican Party is a party of "common sense" – something radical Democrats are lacking for the American people right now under President Joe Biden and a Democrat-controlled Congress.

"Right now Republicans stand for common sense, where most Americans are," McDaniel added to co-hosts John Bachman and Bianca de la Garza. "And Democrats are getting more and more radical, and that's why we're going to see big wins this November for the Republican Party."

Most recently, the baby formula crisis was entirely avoidable, McDaniel continued, saying it tugs at the heartstrings of American families and mothers – not to mention babies that cannot speak for themselves nor vote.

"I can't understand how this is such an administration that is so incompetent and didn't understand this issue when they had a whistleblower last November that came forward," McDaniel said of the baby formula crisis. "So this has been months and months and months of negligence, and it's only when it's a crisis that the administration turns up because Republicans put pressure on them, and the media finally takes notice."

Deployment of the Defense Production Act was once denounced by former White House press secretary Jen Psaki, only to be actually put in action by Biden days later, McDaniel laments.

"This administration has been incompetent, negligent, full of excuses," she reiterated. "All we have to do is look at President Trump with Operation Warp Speed, where they came up with a vaccine for a brand new virus in less than a year that saved millions of lives.

"And you're telling me they can't figure out how to make baby formula in the United States of America? So this is a Biden administration failure, one after the other after the other that we've seen from this administration.

"They have committed malpractice on the American people, and now babies and mothers are suffering as a result."

The "incompetence" of the Biden administration proves it has no bounds, McDaniel added.

"And that's a kind word for me to say," she said. "We've seen this with the withdrawal of Afghanistan. We saw it when we didn't have COVID tests in the winter. We've seen it with their energy crisis that America is suffering from. We're buying oil from Russia and funding the war in Ukraine as gas prices are skyrocketing here and now the baby formula issue."

Americans should be disgusted baby formula is more readily available over the border in Mexico, as the Biden administration has given deference to illegal migrants, according to McDaniel.

"It's disgusting to see this administration take care of people who are coming to this country illegally," she said. "Of course, we care about the humanitarian needs of other people, but we've got to put Americans needs first, and we have now seen babies being hospitalized because they cannot get formula.

"I can only imagine the desperation that moms are feeling right now, knowing that they can't feed their baby. It's not like you can make formula. It's not like they can take solid food. There's no option and babies are suffering and this administration has been slow out of the gate on every single crisis."

Now, the flailing Democratic Party intends to politicize abortion in attempt to remain in power with their self-destructive policies, McDaniel said, pointing to the faces of the Democrats' midterms hopes: Ohio Senate candidate Tim Ryan, Texas gubernatorial candidate Beto O'Rourke, and Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate John Fetterman.

"They have all come out very clearly and said they support nine-months abortions – that is out of step with where our country is, and it's just wrong and immoral," McDaniel said.

Democrats even go so far to defend those who are threatening Supreme Court justices and breaking the law with "pickets and parades" outside their homes.

"The Democrats have embraced crime," McDaniel said. "They don't care. They're for defund the police. They believe in intimidation. They don't care if they're getting in people's faces and threatening their families and their kids and putting fear into them. That is part of their tactic.

"They do it to Republicans across this country. They want to bully us into believing like they do. And if you are out of their thought process, they're OK with any tactic. This is so wrong."

The Justice Department and failed Supreme Court candidate Merrick Garland, now Biden's attorney general, are ostensibly exacting political vengeance by looking the other way against law-breakers threatening conservative justices.

"Not only should Merrick Garland and the DOJ be enforcing this, but President Biden should be denouncing any type of violence happening with the Supreme Court justices, and of course he's not," McDaniel concluded.


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