Rob Carson Launches in Las Vegas on 670 AM!

Rob Carson Launches in Las Vegas on 670 AM!

Monday, 31 January 2022 09:58 PM

Big News On The Radio!

The Rob Carson Show from Newsmax Radio is now on 670 AM KMZQ – The Right Talk for Vegas

The Rob Carson Show airs 6-8PM every weekday local time in Nevada.

AM 670 is radio from the Las Vegas Strip, but you can hear it all the way from Beatty and Caliente to the North down to Needles and Kingman in the South.

Owned by Kemp Broadcasting, KMZQ is part of the only locally owned and operated major broadcaster in town.

Tune in today if you haven’t heard him – you’ll love Rob Carson.

The Rob Carson Show premiered in September and is a hit on powerhouse talk stations in Baltimore, MD, Richmond, VA, Atlanta, and Albuquerque, NM.

This is big because Rob Carson is considered the next Rush Limbaugh.

Rob cut his teeth writing the biggest satire for Rush Limbaugh for over 20 years.

Now Rob is back on air as a talk show host and podcaster.
His hit weekend cable news show “Rob Carson’s What in the World” airs on Newsmax TV to over 100 million homes.

Former President Trump says Rob “is the funniest guy on TV.”

Rob’s new radio show combines thoughtful commentary with audio clips in a hilarious stream of consciousness.

Rob also hits the call-in boards and lets his fellow Americans play a big role in the show.

Rob shares a name with his childhood idol, Johnny Carson, who grew up 10 miles from his hometown of Neola, Iowa.

Make sure you listen to Rob on his The Rob Carson Show today:

6-8PM on AM 670 KMZQ – The Right Talk for Vegas.

For More Info on Rob Carson Show – Go Here Now