Ron Johnson Decries ‘Cover-Up’ by DOJ, Media, of Bidens’ Financial Deals

Ron Johnson Decries 'Cover-Up' by DOJ, Media, of Bidens' Financial Deals Ron Johnson Decries 'Cover-Up' by DOJ, Media, of Bidens' Financial Deals Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

By Fran Beyer | Sunday, 03 April 2022 01:44 PM

Sen. Ron Johnson, R-Wis., railed at the Department of Justice and media outlets for a “cover-up” that’s shielded President Joe Biden and son Hunter Biden’s foreign financial deals.

In a fiery interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Johnson insisted the president has lied.

“I don't trust the Justice Department. I think really what the New York Times and the Washington Post articles prove is how complicit they have been and continue to be in the cover-up and, quite honestly, they're not impartial,” he alleged. “They're actors of the Democratic Party, of the radical left.”

According to Johnson, the cover-up displayed “an intelligence community technique, you engage in what they called a limited hangout.”

“You let out just enough information, just enough truth to try to get you by the moment,” he said. “We can't allow our intelligence agencies, the Department of Justice, the FBI or the media to get away with this.'

Johnson also lamented that a 2020 report he wrote with Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, was ignored.

“We had Treasury documents that showed the very troubling number of wire transfers that just detailed out a vast web of foreign financial entanglements,” Johnson said. “Specifically, we were able to document about $13 million of …. flows between Russia, between [Ukraine energy company] Burisma, between members of the communist party regime in China, but that was all ignored.”

“They look at our reports and just shrugged,” Johnson complained. “‘No evidence of criminal activity here. No evidence that Joe Biden's involved in this, and if they covered it up.’ As a result, they got Joe Biden elected and they're continuing to cover up for him.”

“Now we have actual bank records that verify what we reported,” Johnson argued. “The laptop [of Hunter Biden] is, obviously, a treasure-trove of corroborating evidence as well and and, unfortunately, our intelligence agencies, I think our FBI … have been sitting on this information, and they are complicit as well in the cover-up.

Of Joe Biden, Johnson insisted: “He repeatedly lied to the American public when he said he never, ever discussed Hunter Biden's overseas business deals with Hunter. No, he was photographed with his business partners. So if he's lying, bald-faced lying, that again is pretty good evidence that something is amiss here.”

“At a minimum, it is incredibly sleazy, and I think you have to assume…that Joe Biden as president is compromised,” he added. “Why else did he cancel the Nord Stream 2 sanctions? Why did he cancel the China Initiative, which is a Department of Justice initiative to try and investigate and uncover Chinese theft of intellectual property? “

“I don't know all the detail, but you know who does? Chinese intelligence, Russian intelligence, probably Iranian, North Korean intelligence,” he added. “And here's the really sad part: I believe our FBI and U.S. intelligence agencies know as well, they're just not going to tell us or you, the American public.”

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