Ronna McDaniel to Newsmax: NJ Hecklers Gave Biden ‘Only True Feedback’

Ronna McDaniel to Newsmax: NJ Hecklers Gave Biden 'Only True Feedback' (Newsmax TV's "National Report")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Wednesday, 08 September 2021 12:13 PM

Hecklers who yelled at President Joe Biden when he visited storm-damaged areas in New Jersey gave him the "only true feedback" he is getting about his actions in Afghanistan, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said Wednesday on Newsmax.

"He's clearly in a cocoon in the White House and oblivious to the disaster that he has unleashed on America," McDaniel told "National Report." "He goes in front of the cameras and he seems tone-deaf time after time."

According to C-SPAN's footage of the appearance, Biden was heckled by bystanders in New Jersey over his handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. Later, in a speech in Queens, N.Y., he acknowledged he was heckled, but said those yelling at him do not really live in the area he was touring and they were upset over his position about climate change.

Afghanistan was a failure for Biden, as well as the most recent jobs report, inflation, his handling of the pandemic, and more, according to McDaniel.

"Those families just are articulating what so many Americans feel," McDaniel said. "We're seeing it in the poll numbers, which are diving to a new low for Joe Biden in terms of his approval."

Biden's approval rate dropped to 42% in a Sept. 1 Rasmussen Reports poll, and McDaniel said she think the numbers reflect that "we're seeing what Joe Biden means as commander-in-chief, and it's not good."

"We know our southern borders are a catastrophe right now," she said. "We know that we're still battling a pandemic. We know he just failed in Afghanistan and lost American lives because of his decisions. And, make no mistake about it, those were Joe Biden's decisions that cost the lives of these 13 service members because of his botched withdrawal."

Further, Americans are now paying more for gas and "everywhere because he actually paid people to stay out of the workforce," McDaniel said. "That is costing us more, and our dollar is serving us less and less. Everywhere we look, Joe Biden is failing the American people, and I think everyone is laying the blame at his feet."

Meanwhile, Biden will not answer questions on Afghanistan because he "won't take accountability," McDaniel said.

"Why did he pull out military men and women before civilians?" she said. "Why did he abandoned Bagram [Air Base]? He doesn't want to take accountability and show the American people the truth about the fact that he failed."

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