Ronna McDaniel to Newsmax: Vaccine Mandates Result of Biden’s Failures

Ronna McDaniel to Newsmax: Vaccine Mandates Result of Biden's Failures (Newsmax's "Wake Up America")

By Sandy Fitzgerald | Friday, 17 September 2021 10:21 AM

President Joe Biden's wide-reaching call for COVID-19 vaccine mandates came because he "failed" in his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Republican National Committee Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel told Newsmax.

"Let's look at Joe Biden and Kamala Harris during the campaign: All they did was undermine the vaccine because Donald Trump was president," she told Friday's "Wake Up America." "It's Democrats who sowed doubt and division."

Biden, McDaniel added, was "handed this vaccine from President Trump and he hasn't been able to get people to take it. That's his failure. That's his problem."

As a result, the president decided to enact his wide-reaching vaccine mandate, McDaniel lamented.

"Now he's saying 'I failed,'" she said. "'I didn't get this out to the American people, so now I'm going to force you to do it. I'm going to force employers to do this. I'm going to force employers to violate privacy.'"

The administration has "failed on so many levels," McDaniel said. "It starts with them undermining the vaccine, just because Donald Trump was the president."

McDaniel's comments come after her opinion piece for Newsmax, where she said Biden lied to Americans about the legality of his vaccine mandates.

McDaniel wrote she is pro-vaccine and she got her shots after Biden took office, but she is "firmly anti-mandate because, in America, freedom matters. That's why the Republican National Committee (RNC) has committed to suing the Biden administration if this blatantly unconstitutional power-grab goes into effect."

McDaniel said Friday the RNC has not yet filed its lawsuit, as it is waiting to see how the mandate plan pans out, but she insisted, as things stand, there are many troubling issues with Biden's order and the lawsuit will proceed.

"But there are so many issues, one as an employer, and that's how the RNC will be suing," McDaniel said. "How can I violate the privacy of my employees? This is unconstitutional. It's never been done. And you want to know who says this more succinctly than anyone? The Biden administration."

She added, with the RNC leading the way on the lawsuits, that will also help businesses that do not have the ability to file their own lawsuits to help protect "the rights of people who cannot be forced by the federal government to get a vaccine."

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